What Your Friendships Can Tell You About Your Dating Personality

What Your Friendships Can Tell You About Your Dating Personality ©iStock/filadendron

Friendships take communication, effort and understanding — if you think about it, they aren’t all that different from romantic relationships. So it makes sense that the way we approach our friendships can tell us a lot about how we date. Sure, our romantic relationships may be more intense, but they’ve got a lot in common with our BFF bonds.

  1. Who makes the effort? Are you the one always making the plans and sending out texts and emails, or are you the one who forgets about plans you made a week ago and watches Netflix on the couch instead? If you’re the leader, then you’re likely more aggressive in dating and pursuing men. If you’re the latter, you’re much more laid-back and like to let the dudes come to you. Just don’t tip too far in either direction or you’ll be too controlling or too careless.
  2. Are you the shoulder or the crier? Are you the girl that all the squad comes to for advice, or are you the one constantly seeking a shoulder to cry on? If you’re the former, you may be less emotional in relationships than other women, meaning you might have to make a greater effort to seem committed. If you’re the latter, you could be overly emotional and might need to tone it down a bit. Try to find that happy medium and your relationships will be better for it.
  3. What kind of “friend dates” do you go on? Are you the kind of girl who only sees her friends after 10pm when it’s time to go out, or do you try to have girls’ night in with movies and pizza? If you’re a party animal, then you’re likely meeting your guys at the bar. While that isn’t all bad, it can mean a lot more hook-ups and fewer real relationships. If you’re the latter, you’re probably more romantic and looking for a guy that likes to spend quiet time with you, too. A healthy dose of both is probably the best way to go.
  4. How many friends do you have? Do you have a huge group of friends with lots of drama or are you the kind of girl who has a handful of trusty chicks to call on? If you have a wide circle of friends, you might not be ready for commitment and may not even have the time to date. If you have a smaller group, you may be looking for something more in your relationships.
  5. Do you let your friends impact your dating decisions? The girls are always there for us, right? So it’s natural we want their opinion on the men in our lives. Are you the kind of girl who follows their advice and dates or ditches based on their input? Or are you the girl who says, “I really appreciate your opinion, but I need to find out for myself”? You could be letting your friends hold you back, which might be reflective of your choices to hold yourself back from love. Conversely, you could be making your own decisions, but expecting the girls to be there every time you crash and burn.
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