From A Guy’s Perspective: If We Like You, This Is How You’ll Know

In the wonderful world of modern dating, one question stands above all the rest: “Is he into me or not?” It’s not always easy to tell if a guy is into you as anything more than a friend, but there are some signs we show that are dead giveaways to just how strong our feelings are for you:

  1. We tell you intimate details about our lives. We’re not really big on sharing… anything.  So if we’re sharing intimate details of our lives, we’re probably pretty into you because we feel we can trust you. And these intimate details might not seem that intimate to you. Stuff you might tell a friend — such as how you’re struggling with work or your parents’ divorce — is stuff we generally keep to ourselves, so if we’re open with you about our feelings, understand that it’s a pretty big deal.
  2. We want you to meet our friends. Our boys are a big part of our lives. We don’t introduce that many of our love interests to them, and it’s a big deal for us when we do. So if you’re meeting the guys, you can be pretty darn certain that we’re into you.
  3. We always seem to have a free schedule. As it turns out, we actually don’t. We do have things like work and ‘other friends’ and going to the gym… and yet, whenever you text us, we seem to be free. That’s because we’ll happily cancel other plans to be with someone we like. Frankly, we’re kind of bad friends that way. But if you’re not sure if we like you, just ask us to go for a 6 am jog on Sunday morning. If we shamelessly spout “I’d love to!” then we’re pretty hooked.
  4. We love to talk about what you’re into. Have a “weird” hobby like knitting or a passionate interest in something super boring? Well, if we have an oddly good grasp of what you’re talking about, it’s probably because we’re trying to impress you with our depth of knowledge on the topic.
  5. We’re humble. Did we just get a giant promotion? Yep. Have we told everyone we know about it? Yep. Have we put it on social media? Yep. But miraculously, when you ask us about it, we’re weirdly bashful and shy. That’s a sure-fire sign that we’re into you. It’s because we sort of retract ourselves into little boys around women we like, and as little boys, we’re terrible at taking compliments. Plus, we don’t want to come off as arrogant.
  6. We’ll give you our coat. Even though it’s obviously freezing and we obviously dressed for the weather. No, we’re not too hot in negative temperatures. We were actually quite comfortable. But our built-in chivalry complex is just too powerful to fully override when we like someone.
  7. We’ll be more groomed than normal. You can always tell when we’re grooming ourselves or our apartment more than normal because we’ll be sort of dapper or put together, but also kind of bad at it. For example, if we’re wearing a suit every time we see you, but seem a little awkward about how to casually carry the jacket when we get too hot, it’s probably because the last time we wore a suit was in 2003.
  8. We’ll ask your friends if you like us. We think we’re being subtle, but if we’re asking around about what sort of guys you normally fall for, it’s because we’re secretly hoping the answer is “Oh, you’re just her type.” For the most part, if we’re not into someone, we’re not too bothered about what they look for in a mate. So if we’re asking, it’s because we care.
  9. We’ll social media stalk you — and inevitably get caught. We know that social media stalking is a little creepy, but it’s just too tempting. It’s like a giant, anonymous cookie jar. Sadly, we’re also not very good at it and will inevitably end up liking a photo of you from a music festival on your friend’s Facebook page from 2009. The good news is we usually reserve our stalking for serious love interests only.
  10. We’ll tell you. Straight up. After all, the subtleties of love aren’t really our specialty.At some point, if we feel like you’re not getting the hint about how crazy we are for you, we’ll probably just end up blurting it out.
Spencer is a freelance writer who loves writing articles that are fun to read and easy to understand. When he's not writing, he's usually listening to podcasts and traveling the world searching for the elusive perfect croissant.