9 Frustrating Thoughts You Have When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

While we know that crash dieting isn’t really the best approach to developing a healthy relationship with food and our bodies, we’ve all tried one (or a dozen) at some point in our lives. If you’re currently trying to drop a few pounds and get healthier in the process, you’ve probably had some of these thoughts.

  1. Why does everything have so many calories?! Seriously, other than vegetables, it seems like the calories in all the foods you love are super high. If you’re calorie counting, this can be devastating to realize that you’ve worked through more than half your day’s allotment just on breakfast. What the hell?
  2. I should have enjoyed that donut I had last week way more. You decided to have a blowout before you got your nutrition on track, so you chowed down on some of your favorite junk food. It was good at the time, but now that you’re not having it, you’re starting to think you didn’t truly appreciate the joyful deliciousness while it was right in front of you. Oh, to have that donut again…
  3. Ugh, is being skinny even worth it? The decision to lose some weight and get healthy should never be about being skinny—after all, health isn’t about the number on the scale but about how you feel in yourself—but many of us do have a goal of fitting into a certain clothing size or being able to be described as “thin.” Of course, you start to wonder if it’s even worth it when it takes so much effort and discipline to get there…
  4. People who say they love the gym are totally lying. All those #fitspo people on Instagram who swear they feel a rush after a hard workout are totally full of crap, you’re sure of it. Since you’re just starting on your journey, you see working out as a necessary evil, not as a pleasure. Who really loves panting and sweating for an hour every day? Ugh.
  5. Is it time for a cheat day yet? You’ve been eating super well all week and you’ve even gone to the gym three days. Surely that’s earned you a trip to McDonald’s or a Chinese takeout? You don’t want to mess up the progress you’re making but you definitely deserve a reward… right?
  6. Why is everything that’s delicious so bad for you? Seriously! Fine, vegetables are good for you and they can even be tasty sometimes, but the real good stuff—burgers, pizza, ice cream—aren’t doing your health or your waistline any favors. How is this fair?! Who can you blame for this sorcery?!
  7. If I eat one more salad I’m going to barf. You’ve always liked salad and it’s an added bonus that it’s so good for you, so it’s become a regular part of your diet now that you’re consciously trying to get in shape and slim down. The problem is, you’re so sick of salad at this point that you could never have one again for the rest of your life and you’d be just fine with it.
  8. Eff it—I’m fine just as I am. At the end of the day, do you really need to lose weight? If your health is at risk and you’re dangerously overweight, maybe so. However, if you’re doing it because you feel the pressure to be smaller or conform to society’s expectation of the ideal woman, stop now. You’re beautiful just as you are, and the sooner you realize that, the happier you’ll be—donuts and all.


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