Funfetti Ice Cream Has A Crunchy Cake Swirl And It’s Coming To Stores Soon

Funfetti Ice Cream Has A Crunchy Cake Swirl And It’s Coming To Stores Soon Instagram/candyhunting

Everyone knows that Funfetti is basically the best cake flavor ever, but now things are about to get even more delicious because Funfetti Ice Cream is apparently heading to grocery stores soon and frankly, it looks delicious. What’s not to love about this?

  1. Instagrammer @candyhunting discovered the product. While browsing Instacart, the popular snack account uncovered the listing for Funfetti Ice Cream and immediately shared it with their followers who were all too pleased to know such a delicious treat is forthcoming.
  2. It sounds so delicious! As you’d probably expect of a Funfetti-based treat, you can expect Funfetti Ice Cream to contain Funfetti light ice cream mixed with rainbow sprinkles. It also contains a “cake crunch swirl,” which really drives the Funfetti thing home. I didn’t even need the product description to be looking forward to this one, but it helps to know what to expect!
  3. It may or may not be made by Dreyer’s/Edy’s. That’s a vaguely educated guess based on the fact that the container is exactly like ice creams made under those brands. It looks like it’ll be sold in 1.5-quart containers, so you might want to grab a few since this will no doubt become your new obsession. It’s already mine and I haven’t even tried it yet!
  4. No telling when it’ll actually be available to buy, however. While @candyhunting guesses that Funfetti Ice Cream might be available to purchase from February 2021, that’s not an official date and the company behind the brand hasn’t confirmed or announced anything just yet. Looks like we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled on our local stores’ freezer aisles for this deliciousness and grab it when we can!
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