Is He Your Future Husband or a Waste of Time? Here are 19 Differences

Is He Your Future Husband or a Waste of Time? Here are 19 Differences iStock

You’re seeing this guy and he seems great, but you’re not quite sure if he’s actually future husband material or if he’ll end up being just another waste of time. If you’re struggling to figure out which camp he falls into, here are some signs to look out for that should shed some light on what’s going on.

  1. Your future husband brings out the best in you. A guy who’s a waste of time brings out the nutso stalker bitch in you.
  2. Your future husband values commitment and partnership. A loser is just trying to “hang out” and “see where things go.”
  3. Your future husband sees your success as his success. A loser needs to take you down a notch because he’s intimidated you and what a badass you are.
  4. Your future husband thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. A waste of time has eyes that keep wandering because he doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have you.
  5. Your future husband makes you feel secure. A loser makes you want to check his phone. He’s always acting shady and takes it with him from room to room. WTF is he even up to?
  6. Your future husband prioritizes your happiness. A loser prioritizes his own happiness and doesn’t even consider yours. If the 80/20 rule doesn’t apply here, it’s not gonna work.
  7. Your future husband enjoys conversation with you. A waste of time just wants you to be quiet. He’s looking for a piece of arm candy, not an equal partner.
  8. Your future husband makes plans with you in advance. A loser always pops up out of nowhere the same day. Not only that, but he expects you to drop everything for him. What a winner.
  9. Your future husband creates a feeling of forward momentum in the relationship. A loser wants to keep things exactly as they are. He doesn’t want to have to put in any more effort than the bare minimum he’s already giving you.
  10. Your future husband makes it clear he’s into you. A loser keeps you wondering. He thinks it creates a sense of mystery and keeps you on your toes, but it’s cruel and immature.
  11. Your future husband makes you feel chased. A loser is someone you’re always struggling to pin down.
  12. Your future husband consistently reaches out to you. A waste of time goes radio silent for days. You never know where he is or what he’s up to because you literally don’t hear from him.
  13. Your future husband texts you just to check in. A loser texts you when he wants something. He doesn’t care how your day was and he’s never “just thinking of you.” Ouch.
  14. Your future husband asks about you and your life. A loser couldn’t care less. Everything is all about him and he’s not interested in anything or anyone else.
  15. Your future husband is great in real life. A loser looks good only on paper, if that. Even some of his supposedly desirable qualities seem a bit stunted. Ugh.
  16. Your future husband treats you like a priority. A loser makes you feel like a backup plan. It’s almost as if he only comes to you because he has nothing or no one better to focus on.
  17. Your future husband does nice little things for you just because. A loser doesn’t. He thinks his presence is enough of a gift and expects you to feel the same.
  18. Your future husband wants to show you off to his friends and family. A loser hides you from them. He’ll go to great lengths to make sure your paths never cross.
  19. Your future husband has lots in common with you. The person you’ll end up marrying is likely to be compatible with you. He’s probably going to share your interests and passions because we naturally want to spend time with like-minded souls.
Halle Kaye is the author of the insightful, inspirational and hilarious dating guide for women, "Maybe He's Just an Asshole: Ditch Denial, Embrace Your Worth, and Find True Love!"