Gas Station Owner Teaches Smoking Customer A Lesson For Refusing To Put Out Cigarette

It seems like common sense that you don’t have an open flame around things that are flammable, meaning having a cig while pumping gas is not only not a great idea, it’s actually prohibited. However, one guy who was caught on CCTV apparently believed he was a law unto himself and refused to put out his cigarette even when instructed to do so by the gas station owner. What happened next was extremely satisfying.

  1. The video was shared on Reddit. The CCTV was shared by mattmilk5, who captioned the clip “Gas station owner takes precautionary measures after customer refuses to put out his cigarette.” The video immediately blew up, garnering more than 73,000 upvotes and thousands of comments from users who couldn’t believe someone would be so silly and arrogant as the smoking man clearly was.
  2. The owner’s response was dramatic but warranted. In the video, you can see the customer refusing to put out his cigarette, leading the owner to walk over to the car with a fire extinguisher in hand and spray it all over the driver, the car, and the passengers inside. The contents of the extinguisher completely take over the area. I’d say the cigarette is well and truly put out.
  3. Who smokes at a gas station? I truly don’t believe that there’s anyone on this earth that knows that doing so is a bad idea. The guy in the video clearly seemed like he was just being a jerk. If anything, smoke in your car after you leave!
  4. I doubt he’ll try that stunt again. At least not at that gas station, anyway. Maybe he’ll save his cigarettes for a more appropriate location.
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