I Gave A Younger Guy A Chance—Big Mistake

I Gave A Younger Guy A Chance—Big Mistake ©iStock/teksomolika

I’d always dated guys that were older than me or at least the same age. I never was really attracted to a younger guy before, but this one asked me out every day for weeks so I finally gave in. Spoiler alert: I should’ve just blocked his number.

  1. HE WAS SO IMMATURE. Everyone knows that girls mature faster than boys, but it never really sank in for me until I hung out with him for an hour. He was entertained by things that were totally juvenile to me and we had basically nothing in common even though we were involved in the same activities.
  2. HE COULDN’T HAVE A REAL CONVERSATION WITH ME. The list of topics we could actually have a conversation about were so small, it was cringe-worthy. It basically consisted of nothing deeper than our plans for the weekend and when things got awkward, he would just flirt with me. As much as I loved the compliments, it got really old really quickly.
  3. HE WAS MORE WORRIED ABOUT PHYSICAL ATTRACTION. Of course I thought he was attractive, but that wasn’t the only thing I cared about. I wanted to know what he was all about but quite honestly, HE didn’t even know what he was about. He was way more worried about how to get me in his bed as soon as possible than getting to know my personality.
  4. I PUT IN A LOT MORE EFFORT. He totally leaned on his attractiveness as enough to get him what he wanted. He never once thought about making a special trip to support me at one of my sporting events or taking me out to a nice dinner. It was always me making the plans and calling the shots. He figured since he was hot, I would just fall in love with him, no effort necessary. Um, wrong.
  5. HE ONLY WANTED TO TEXT ME. He always sounded so smooth over the phone but when we hung out in person, he was always kind of awkward. Maybe it’s just a generational thing but I wasn’t raised behind a phone—I wanted to actually spend real time together. He was always dodging opportunities to meet up and would offer to just text or call me instead.
  6. HE HAD NO INTENTIONS OF GETTING SERIOUS. It didn’t take me very long to realize this, especially since I had my doubts going into our relationship. He was young and thought it was crazy that I would expect our “talking” to turn into “dating” and eventually a “real relationship”. He acted like I was crazy for expecting him to settle on me and stop flirting with other girls. Gasp!
  7. HE WASN’T FOCUSED ON HIS CAREER YET. He wasn’t in a place in his life where he knew what he wanted to do with his career and ultimately his adult life. He was hanging out somewhere in the middle with no plans to pursue anything serious any time soon. As a girl who knew what she wanted to do and was going for it, his indecisiveness was a total drag.
  8. HE HAD NO CLUE HOW TO TAKE A WOMAN OUT. He always had girls around him but when it was time to actually be a little romantic and take me out, he was a deer in headlights. My guess is that he was just used to girls giving him attention all the time and when he got with one who wouldn’t do that, he froze up. Other than trying to have sex, he had no idea how to romance a woman which was a total turnoff.
  9. HE WAS INTIMIDATED BY ME. I’m independent, I have a loud personality, and I never acted like he was the last attractive guy on the earth—and that totally threw off his game. He totally expected me to just fall into his arms on command and when it didn’t happen, he totally shied away from me. I had a feeling I would be too much for him, but he insisted we go out anyway, so here I am to tell the story about how I was right.
  10. BEING COOL WAS HIS NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. I was totally put off by the fact that he needed approval from all of his friends and even the girls who he wasn’t romantically involved with. He was more worried about saying the right things and doing things that put him in the popular crowd than being real with me. I wasn’t worried about what his friends thought and I totally called his bluff. It must just be an age thing that most people grow out of.
  11. HE WAS WISHY-WASHY. Even though he asked me out for weeks before I agreed to date him, he was never really all there for me. There was always a feeling like we weren’t on the same wavelength and he could duck out at any moment for the new girl in town, so I never took the time to fall in love with him. Obviously it’s different for every couple but this one totally soured me on the idea of ever dating another younger guy again. I’ll be perfectly fine with OLD, dark and handsome, thank you!
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