Gender Reveal Party That Used 80 Pounds Of Explosives Set Off Earthquake Reports

Gender reveal parties have been a trend for several years now, but what once seemed like a fun, innocent way to share your joy at welcoming a son or daughter with loved ones has turned into something dangerous and at times deadly. Earlier this year, a dad-to-be was killed at a gender reveal party when he was struck by shrapnel from a device he built for the occasion. Now, a couple using 80 pounds of explosives at their party set off earthquake reports after setting Tannerite off in a New Hampshire quarry.

  1. The explosion could be heard from across state lines. As The Guardian reports, police in Kingston, which is close to the border of Massachusetts, received reports of an explosion at Torromeo quarry. Upon arrival, they saw the couple, who admitted having a gender reveal party there and using 80 pounds of Tannerite which was set off to cause the blast.
  2. Tannerite is readily available. It’s not illegal – in fact, it’s sold over the counter as a firearms practice target. The couple told police that they believed setting the explosives off at the quarry was the safest option and they had no idea how big the blast would be.
  3. People’s homes were shaking because of it. The explosion was so big, area residents were sure there was an earthquake as their homes were shaken from the foundations, NBC 10 reports. Sara Taglieri, whose house is close to the quarry, recalled: “We heard this God-awful blast. It knocked pictures off our walls … I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme.” Her husband Matt added that neighbors had noticed cracks in their homes’ foundations.
  4. Thankfully, no one was injured. While the explosion certainly will have been scary, it thankfully didn’t cause any injuries or fatalities. However, the man who purchased the Tannerite and set it off did turn himself into police over the incident. It’s unclear what charges he faces.
  5. Oh, and it was a boy. Police who saw a video of the explosion confirmed the child’s gender. Congrats, I guess?

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