Adult Influencers Can Now Attend The World’s First Sex Worker University

The world’s first university for sex workers has been launched to help adult influencers get to the top of their field. Centro University has unveiled a series of courses “designed specifically for porn stars, adult influencers, and other sex workers” to help them get to the top of their field, launching new stars and helping veterans monetize even more.

So wait, are you actually going to school here? No, not really. Instead, you’re buying into a 10-part video course that covers every aspect of the industry from health and safety to financial tips and other must-know information.

You can’t call it a rip-off because it’s free. While most people would raise an eyebrow at a digital course aimed at helping influencers, adult or otherwise, get ahead, there’s not much to be upset about here because Centro University is entirely free. You don’t pay a penny to take part so there’s really nothing to lose. There are also no qualifications to get in other than wanting to be an adult entertainer, so there’s that too.

The platform already has fans! FanCentro ambassador and sex worker MelRose Michaels is ready to vouch for the system, telling Dazed in an interview that the platform totally helped her get ahead in her career. “I logged online the first time on October 3, 2011, in an apartment with no furniture, and promised myself I wouldn’t log off until I made enough money to cover my first rent payment. I made over $7,000 in my first two weeks in the industry, and had no plans on looking back,” she said. That sounds promising!

This career field isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested, you can sign up. All the information you need is over at the website, so check it out if you dare.

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