General Mills Is Releasing An ‘Elf’ Series That Tastes Like Maple Syrup

General Mills Is Releasing An ‘Elf’ Series That Tastes Like Maple Syrup General Mills

You’d have to be a real cotton-headed ninnymuggins not to love Elf and watch it repeatedly every holiday season. I think I’ve seen it about 50 times by now and know most of the words. I even have Elf pajamas that I wear all December long! Well, now I have a snack to eat while wearing and watching: General Mills is releasing an Elf cereal and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

  1. It has maple syrup flavoring in it, of course. Because Buddy the Elf loved maple syrup, no Elf cereal could ever be complete without that flavor. While the cereal itself is crunchy corn pieces with holiday-shaped marshmallows, that maple syrup flavoring plays a major part too.
  2. Sadly, we couldn’t fit all of Buddy’s favorite food groups in. According to Buddy, the four major food groups are candy corn, candy, candy canes, and syrup. I suppose the marshmallows give us the candy, but I’m glad they went with the maple syrup flavor rather than candy canes. I can’t imagine peppermint with milk!
  3. Of course, it’s limited-edition and will only be around for the holidays. So far, General Mills is playing it coy when it comes to when Elf cereal will be on the shelves, but we do know it’ll be around for the holidays and will be available at grocery stores around the country for around $2.50 for a mid-sized box and $3.99 for family-sized boxes.
  4. Now this is how you have a happy holiday season. Don’t mind me if I eat Elf cereal all winter long!!
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