Priest Who ‘Died And Visited Hell’ Says Demons Sang Rihanna As A Form Of Torture

Priest Who ‘Died And Visited Hell’ Says Demons Sang Rihanna As A Form Of Torture TikTok | YouTube

A priest who claims to have died and visited hell said that demons sang Rihanna’s “Umbrella” on repeat as a form of torture. Gerald Johnson took to TikTok to reveal his experience in the underworld in a clip that immediately went viral. So, what happened? Johnson experienced a heart attack in 2016 and temporarily died, which was when his spirit was transported to hell. What he saw there was something he “wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

What is hell like?


My experience when I saw hell in February 2016. I’ll never be the same after that. #hell #jesus #unforgiveness #forgive #godsaid #encouragement #geraldajohnson #jesuslovesyou #moveforward

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While most people believe the idea of heaven and hell is a myth, Gerald Johnson is here to set the record straight. Given that he’s a priest, you would have expected him to ascend to heaven in the afterlife, right? That’s what Johnson himself thought, so he was shocked to be plummeted down to the center of the earth. To hell.

“My spirit left my physical body and I thought that I was going upwards because I thought I had done so much good in this lifetime and helped so many people and basically made decisions that were godly decisions. As opposed to going up, I went down,” he claimed.

He recounted one particularly troubling sight when he got there that will stay with him forever. “One of the things I saw that blew me away was a man on all fours like a dog. He was burnt from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet and his eyes were bulging out,” Johnson recalled. “What’s even worse is that he had a chain around his neck, so he was a dog in hell. And even worse than that was who was holding the chain. It was a demon holding the chain.”

If you thought hell was a silent place, think again. There was an area where music was playing and it was the same music that you hear on the Earth, but as opposed to entertainers singing it, demons were singing it.”

Demons sang Rihanna as a form of torture in hell

Singing demons might sound hilarious and pretty ridiculous, but Gerald Johnson saw the greater purpose behind the creatures’ songs.

“It was some of the same lyrics that we hear here. I knew that on Earth a lot of the lyrics and the music and the songs are inspired by demons,” he explained. “Every lyric to every song is there to torment you for the fact you didn’t worship God through music while you were on the Earth.”

And while Rihanna’s “Umbrella” seemed to be a demonic favorite, that wasn’t all. He also heard Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” being sung a lot.

A lot of Johnson’s followers seemed moved by his message, confirming his account of hell and thanking him for his honesty.

“100% FACTS. I’ve also seen hell and it’s exactly what he’s talking about. Thank you for sharing, brother,” one person wrote. Another added: “I struggle with letting go of secular music. Needed to hear this.”

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