How To Get Someone To Like You: 11 Simple Things You Can Do

I know the idea of making someone like you can seem like a scary trip to awkwardville, but it doesn’t take rocket science to ignite that spark you’re looking for. Whether you’re just trying to get someone to like you as a friend or romantically, there’s a lot you can do to make it happen smoothly.

  1. Make the first move. Yes, your heart is racing and you might even be getting woozy just thinking about putting yourself out there, but it usually works. You can’t expect the person to magically read your mind and figure out that you want to be in their good books. So, talk to them, invite them for a drink, movie, or something. Once they know you’re interested, they may begin to like you upon getting to know you a little better.
  2. Confess your feelings to them. Closed mouths don’t get fed. There are times when playing dating games is cool, but it’s hardly the most effective way to go about getting someone to like you. Instead of playing hard to get or feigning disinterest, come right out and be honest about what you feel towards them. Most people will appreciate the bravery and forthrightness and give you extra points for them.
  3. Pay attention to what they say. I’m one of those people who hate opening up, but even I love talking about myself when I’m with someone I feel comfortable with. As much as you’re trying to keep up your end of the conversation, make sure you’re listening to what they say. Be engaged, ask questions, remember what they say casually and try to work it into future discussions. I promise it’ll help make a difference.
  4. Find out what they’re passionate about. A great way to get someone to like you is to find out what they care about and show an interest in it. If they like volunteering with charity, talk about why that is and maybe join them sometimes. If they feel as though they can freely share the things that excite them with you, they will feel closer to you and see you in a better light.
  5. Do something memorable. Everyone loves making good memories and the people who are part of the memories will make them smile when they come to mind. You don’t have to fly them to Paris in a private jet as a surprise to leave a lasting impression. It could be something small and nice that you do for them. It could be simply being there when it matters. Make yourself part of their good vibes. Be a damn hard person to forget.
  6. Be a good conversationalist. This should go without saying, but try to be present and engaged when talking to your crush or that person you want to like you. Few things are as cringeworthy as people who can’t keep a conversation going to save their life. Be pleasant, come up with stuff to talk about, maintain eye contact, listen, act interested, and try not to bore them.
  7. Let them know what you like about them. Compliments will get you everywhere including into the hearts and minds of the people you like. Avoid cliches when you do this. Take the time to figure out why you’re so drawn to them and be genuine when telling them about the things you appreciate about them. It’ll make them feel good about themselves and predispose them to liking you.
  8. Display a healthy sense of self. Just because you like this person and you want them to like you back doesn’t mean you should shrink yourself or try to be someone you’re not in the hopes of getting their attention. Remember you’re amazing in your own right, and anyone would be lucky to have you. Carry yourself with some pride, know your worth, and just let who you are shine through.
  9. Make an effort to be there for them. People tend to end up liking those they spend time or see around often, so stop watching them from a distance and be there. I’m not saying stalk them or be creepy—no. Just try to be where they are, so they can notice you. And if you’re already in their lives, then show up for them, stay in touch, hang out with them, and let them know they have your attention.
  10. Share a secret with them. Everyone loves mysteries and secrets, so sharing one with this person might form a connection between you. It’ll open you up to them and them to you. You will seem more relatable and likeable depending on what type of secret you share. This can be a little tricky, so be careful that you share something you think they can handle.
  11. Get chummy with the people they’re friends with. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve come to like because they were friends with my friends. If a person’s friends like you, they will tall about you fondly, and that will work in your favour and help them see you in a whole new light.
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