We Get It — You’re Engaged. Now Shut Up About It.

It’s great that your boyfriend popped the question and you’re really happy to be getting married to him, but do you have to post 200 pictures of the proposal on Facebook or talk about your relationship all the time even though there are — gasp — plenty of other things of importance going on in the world? No! Here are some things you should stop doing ASAP because they make you annoying AF:

  1. Giving TMI about your engagement. It’s enough to change your relationship status on Facebook to “engaged” without having to give us all a play-by-play account of how he proposed, what the sky was like in the background, what you said, how you felt, and what you were wearing. Yes, you’re excited, but it’s a bit much — especially when it’s incessant.
  2. Bragging incessantly. For some people, getting engaged is the perfect occasion to show off on social media. Please don’t be one of those people who show us close-up shots of the glamorous ring, call yourself lucky and “blessed” to be vacationing in Venice when he popped the question, and bombard us with talk about how you feel you’ve won a million dollars by getting this guy. It feels like you’re just bragging now, and that’s tacky as hell.
  3. Making the ring the main thing. It’s interesting that you’re “so in love” with your fiancé, but he only features halfway into your engagement photo album on Facebook. Most of the pictures are about your ring, but that’s none of my business…
  4. Talking about your engagement as if it’s an achievement. Surely there’s other stuff going on in your life that you can talk about or post about sometimes, no? Then I feel sorry for you. Getting engaged and married are not achievements, and acting like you’ve somehow reached a mammoth milestone or succeeded in life becaues some dude wants to exchange “I do”s with you is a bit embarrassing to watch.
  5. Going public with your posts. There are privacy settings on your posts for a reason. Maybe you should limit your audience to your closest friends and family when talking about such an important part of your life. We were colleagues five years ago or we went to grade school together, so we don’t need to see so much info about your relationship, for crying out loud!
  6. Sharing things that feel awkward about your fiancé. Things become really awkward when you’re insulting to your partner, and not just by posting so many images of your engagement ring instead of him. Posts on social media that go along the lines of, “He asked me to marry him and I said yes!!!!! Can you believe it?” make us wonder why it’s such a surprise that you accepted his proposal. Is there something wrong with your fiancé or are you just desperate?
  7. Re-enacting special moments. Sometimes the pictures of the proposal are just weird because they mean you whipped out your phone just as he was getting down on bended knee. That’s impossible if you didn’t know that he was about to propose, which means you made him re-enact the moment so you could post it on Instagram. Ugh. That’s just sad.
  8. Sharing romance meant for your partner. When you post lines and lines declaring your undying love for your amazing fiancé, it becomes nauseating. I’m happy you found such a special love, but shouldn’t you be declaring your love to him in person instead of on Facebook to your 400 friends? It gets even weirder when your partner doesn’t have a Facebook account. It’s like you’re forcing us to witness a really private moment just because you want attention.
  9. Assuming that everyone cares. Whether online or in real life, please don’t act like I’m going to care about your engagement and/or wedding as much as you do. I don’t care that your wedding dress is going to have a keyhole back or that you’re going to have a wedding hashtag on Twitter. Turning all our conversations onto the subject of your wedding or fiancé is annoying AF.
  10. Going on and on… All your posts on social media after your engagement was announced are about how happy and lucky you are. You keep thanking everyone for their support with loads of smiley-face and heart emojis in the posts. Soppy much? It’s great to have wonderful friends but it feels more like gloating than gratefulness.
  11. Sharing unnecessary info with people who aren’t wedding guests. It’s fine to share news about your upcoming bridal shower with guests who are invited, but um, if I have to see all this information as a non-guest, it feels awkward. I don’t need to hear about your plans, where the bridal shower will be held and so on if you haven’t even invited me! How rude!
  12. Getting wedding fever. It’s not just your upcoming wedding you can’t shut up about but weddings in general. Now that you’re engaged, you’re super keen to share romantic quotes and wedding inspiration you find on the internet with your social media followers. Even in real life, you’re always talking about a cute wedding cake or dress you saw and movie nights with your friends always ends up being romcom marathons. Ugh.
  13. Changing all your profile pictures. Since you got engaged, all your social media, IM and email profile photos have become ones of you and your fiancé. Omg, it’s like you’re no longer an individual! Please, please get a grip.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.