Getting A Bikini Wax Is Totally Traumatic & I’ll Never Do It Again

There are things that every woman should try at least once, but waxing your bikini area isn’t one of them. Sure, you want to be tidy (or not!), but there’s nothing worse than crying in pain with someone’s face in your lady garden. I’ve done it once and never again—here’s why:

Growing it out was too much for me.

I can handle a lot, but not hair. Growing out the hair down there for a while before getting the wax done was an extremely hairy situation and an annoying one too. Unfortunately, growing out your bush is a must because the wax needs to be able to grab onto the hairs—you know, so they can be ripped right out of you. I’d rather feel all freshened up on my own schedule without having to grow everything out for a certain amount of time. It was the worst.

I got more ingrown hairs than ever before.

What’s worse than growing your hair down there out to be long enough to wax? Ingrown hairs. That’s my final answer. They are a bitch, and I got a good amount from waxing. Very unnecessary, if you ask me. Ingrown hairs are painful as hell. If I’m going to get them, I’d rather not go through the pain of waxing too.

It’s way too expensive for what it is.

Paying someone a somewhat extortionate amount of money to tidy up my bikini area just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Shaving is free, obviously, and waxing is a bit on the pricey side. I’d rather save the cash. The cost of waxing starts to add up like anything else—I’d rather spend it on shoes.

I felt a little TOO naked.

Feeling fresh and clean is one thing, but I felt… really naked. All the time. It was too much! I want to be confident naked; always ready to feel 100% myself. I didn’t like not being able to pick and choose when I want to feel that bare or not. I’m a grown woman, not a prepubescent child. I know you can tell the person doing the waxing to leave a patch, but I always ended up balder than I would have liked in the end.

Going out of your comfort zone is good, but this crosses the line.

I don’t want someone staring at my vagina, plain and simple. I’m all about stepping out of your comfort zone, but this was way beyond that. It doesn’t feel right in any way and I’m not sure that it ever will. Being open and comfortable with your body is great, but this definitely seemed a bit over the top on the ‘being comfortable’ side.

I don’t have time to set aside for the appointment, to be honest.

Adding another appointment onto my to-do list is hard enough, but it’s even more difficult when the appointment is unnecessary. There isn’t enough time in the day as it is, I’m all set with trying to fit in an awkward waxing session.

It hurt like hell.

Nothing about a wax is fun, really. In fact, it hurts like hell. Getting my eyebrows waxed makes my eyes water, but I can’t even begin to describe what getting waxed down there did to me. Being in that much discomfort emotionally, mentally, and physically is not on my agenda and it never will be again.

I get serious anxiety leading up to the appointment.

I don’t want to do something that gives me anxiety—I’ve got enough as it is. I felt anxious the entire time leading up to the appointment and I know that’s how I would feel if I went back. Some people get anxious about the dentist or the gynecologist; I get anxious about vagina waxers. It’s just not worth it.

It didn’t meet my expectations.

I didn’t think it was as great as people say it is. I didn’t feel that “clean” and “refreshed” after. I felt kind of naked and afraid (ha!) and it really didn’t awe me like everyone said it would. You go into it expecting it to be all flowers and butterflies and you come out like you just saw the devil.

The hair grew back all weird.

The hair grows back very, very different than the way it would if you just shaved. It comes in slow, in all different spots, and not all at once. At least when you shave, it doesn’t look like patches are just randomly growing back—it comes in evenly! It almost looked like something was wrong down there for a minute, and I’m not about that life. It was something I never want to experience again, that’s for sure!

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