Getting Over The Voice In Your Head That Says “I Can’t” Is Hard, But Not Impossible

We’ve all been plagued with self-doubt at some point in our lives. Whether we think we aren’t good enough to apply for a promotion, too afraid to ask someone out, or convinced we cannot complete that half marathon, everyone’s experienced that inner monologue that tells us that we can’t do it. Give up. Why bother trying. This voice can be so powerful that you give in and start believing it. If you’re battling with self-doubt, here are a few easy tricks to conquer the voice that says “I Can’t”:

Remember a time when you could.

Logic is your best weapon against self-doubt, but it needs to be used constantly and relentlessly in order to stand a chance. Picture that time you did get the job, or you did get that date, or you did finish all your reps. Picture it over and over again. Of course you can do it, because you have done it already. You’ve already proven yourself capable. Don’t let yourself forget that.

Think of someone who inspires you.

The thing about inspiring people is that they genuinely want you to succeed too. They may not know you personally, but they know people are looking up to them and drawing motivation, and they want those people to do well. Who inspires you? They’ve overcome obstacles and are a living testament to the fact that you can, too.

Recall why you set your girls in the first place.

Do you want that promotion so you can buy a home? To give your kids a better life? To show off at your high school reunion? If your mind is telling you that you cannot accomplish something, remember what your reasons were for wanting it in the first place and use them as motivation to push forward.

Remember that failure is OK.

If you are regularly giving in to that voice that says you can’t, you are probably terrified of trying your hardest and failing. Quitting is a way to avoid failure altogether, but you are also avoiding success. Remember that failure is not the end of the world, and you will most likely learn something that will get you one step closer to your goals.

Give that voice a name.

That voice is not your friend. It wants to sabotage you and will tell you anything to get you to fail. Giving that voice any random name will make it easier to argue with it and overcome. Shut up Jim, no one cares what you think because you’re a friggin penis.

Get familiar with discomfort.

Overcoming self-doubt will be uncomfortable. You will have to change your pattern of thinking and behaviors to push past your comfort zone and achieve your dreams. Start working with these tricks now to avoid regretting what you didn’t accomplish down the road.

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