This Giant Bloody Mary Comes With Two Whole Chickens As Garnish

Listen, the Bloody Mary is not for the faint of heart. They’re full of some pretty intense flavors and you either love them or you hate them. If you’re on the love side, you may want to head down to Nashville ASAP and hit up Party Fowl, a restaurant that’s serving up giant ones topped with two whole fried chickens as garnish (among other things)!

My mind is literally blown. Most of the time when you order a Bloody Mary, you can expect it to be garnished with something like celery sticks or maybe a shrimp or two. However, Party Fowl is taking things to a whole other stratosphere by topping their giant version of the alcoholic drink with enough food to feed a small army (or, you know, two people).

It’s known as the “Legendary Brunch For Two.” It’s easy to see why! In addition to the 55-oz. Bloody Mary, you and a lucky dining companion can chow down on two whole fried Cornish hens, two Scotch eggs, a whole avocado, 8 pieces of fried okra, and some pickles. Ahhh, I’m full just reading about it!

You need all that food to soak up all that alcohol. A 55 0z. Bloody Mary is nothing to shake a stick at, so Party Fowl is really doing the responsible thing here by making sure you have some delicious fried food in your system to soak up all the alcohol. Not only will you have a nice buzz but you’ll leave with a full tummy as well, which is pretty sweet.

It’s only available on the weekends. If you live in Nashville or plan on visiting soon to go to Party Fowl, please be aware that it’s only available as part of their weekend brunch deal and is only available on Saturdays and Sundays. While there’s no price listed on the menu on their site, rumor has it that the loaded Bloody Mary will run you around $50, which is pretty reasonable.

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