Calling All Candy Freaks: A Giant Box Of Airheads Costs About $10

I don’t drink, smoke, or do any drugs. The one addiction I do have is to candy. From chocolate bars to gummy bears, I’m always down for a sugar fix. I have a particular soft spot for the sweets of my youth—I still love Twizzlers and I especially love Airheads, which is why when I found out that I could get a MASSIVE box of Airheads for just about $10 on Amazon, I immediately placed an order.

  1. You get 90 Airheads per box. Yep, you read that right—90. With that many Airheads, you could basically keep yourself going for months… or a few weeks, whatever your candy-eating style. To be honest, I wish they came in even bigger boxes because I would totally buy them…
  2. All the Airhead flavors you know and love are included. This isn’t a single flavor box, thankfully. You’ll get a mix of grape, cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, White Mystery, and orange. It’s nice to have a bit of choice and switch it up (though I would totally eat a whole box of White Mystery on its own).
  3. It’s summer-safe. It’s hot out there, which means you’re not exactly going to be getting boxes full of chocolate shipped to your house right now. Airheads are melt-proof and delicious, so you’ve basically solved two problems in one.
  4. They’re only 60 calories per bar. If you’re a candy freak/like to live a chill life, you probably don’t track calories and that’s awesome. For those who do (and I’m one of them), I love knowing that a serving of Airheads is actually TWO bars and that together they’re only 120 cals. How good is that?
  5. For just about $10, it’s a total bargain. That basically equals a little over 10 cents per Airhead, which is a steal (and yes, I got out the calculator to find that one out). I don’t know about you but I’m all about saving money so for this and multiple other reasons, I feel pretty good about this purchase.

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