This 21-Foot Inflatable Pink Limo Float Will Let You Lounge In Style All Summer Long

With summer only a few short months away, I can’t stop dreaming about all the parts of the season I always take for granted when they’re around: being able to wear shorts and t-shirts, laying out in the sun for hours on end (with SPF 50 slathered on, of course), not having the sun go down at like, 4 p.m. before I’ve even eaten dinner… you get the picture. I’m really looking forward to some warm weather and summer fun, and I feel like I need this giant inflatable pink limo float* to really enjoy it to the fullest.

pink limo floatSam's Club

This thing is HUGE. The Member’s Mark Retro Pink Limo Island is absolutely massive – we’re talking 21 feet long and 10.5 feet wide. That means you won’t be able to put it in the pool in your backyard or anything but it’s perfect for those yearly trips to the lake or other large body of water. Because it’s so big, you can also fit six people in it for ultimate BFF bonding time.

It comes with everything you need for a great day in the water. This retro pink limo float has built-in benches, meaning you’ll always have a comfy place to sit and have a chat. Not only that, but it also has six cup holders to set your drink in as well as a built-in cooler you can pack with ice and all your favorite snacks and beverages. After all, can’t have fun without food and drink, right?

There are so many great details on this thing. It’s a retro limo, after all, so it’s the little touches that really matter here to give it that classic style. To that end, they’ve added inflatable mirrors and windshield, a platform in the back, and that soft, baby pink color to really take you right back to the ’50s.

It’s super easy to inflate and deflate. You’ll need an electric pump, battery-operated or otherwise, to inflate this float, but given its size, that’s to be expected. However, that shouldn’t take long and you’ll be chilling out in luxury in no time. Plus, when you’re done, the easy-release valve means it’s super quick to deflate so you can pack it up and put it away until next time.

If you want your own inflatable retro pink limo, you can get one at Sam’s Club. This must-have summer accessory is available on the Sam’s Club website for $199.98 and it can be delivered right to your door without even having to leave the house. You can order yours HERE – be quick, it’ll likely sell out quickly!

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