Giant Succulents Exist And They’re A Larger-Than-Life Addition To Any Plant Lover’s Home iStock/JodiJacobson

Giant Succulents Exist And They’re A Larger-Than-Life Addition To Any Plant Lover’s Home

If you’re a plant lover, you probably already own and really love succulents. Those little potted plants offer a bit of unique color and shape to your home and garden and they’re perfect additions to any smaller space since they don’t take up too much room and they’re incredibly low-maintenance. That being said, there are some succulents that are much bigger – giant, in fact – that you might want to consider adding to your outdoor space if you can fit it in. They’re huge!

How did I not know about these? From Agave Attenuata to Euphorbia Canariensis, there are a variety of large succulents out there that are grown in the wild and are part of beautiful landscapes all around the world. The fact that I’ve never realized this was a thing before is so crazy to me!

They can really look incredible in your garden. While flowers and shrubs create a specific (and beautiful) look, if you’re attempting to go for something a little different, you might want to try seeking out some giant succulent varieties to do so. Not only do they look incredible but again, they’re so low-maintenance that anyone can feel like they have a green thumb!

Giant succulent varieties may be harder to find. Because they are so large and ultimately less popular from a consumer perspective than their smaller counterparts, you might have to hit up more specialized plant shops and garden centers to find some larger varieties. However, it’s well worth the effort given how awesome these are!

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