11-Year-Old Girl Saves 6-Year-Old Brother From Kidnapper Who Tried To Pull Him Away

11-Year-Old Girl Saves 6-Year-Old Brother From Kidnapper Who Tried To Pull Him Away Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office

An 11-year-old Ohio girl has been hailed a hero after she saved her 6-year-old brother from being abducted outside their Cleveland home. Julianne Moore and Hayden were playing outside when they noticed a strange man who appeared to be in his 30s began mumbling and walking in their direction. Both kids didn’t think much of it and just kept playing. That is until the man came back and grabbed Hayden’s hand and tried pulling him away from their front yard. That’s when Julianne sprung into action.

  1. Julianne knew right away what was happening. She understood immediately that the man was trying to abduct Hayden and knew she had to do something to save him from being taken. She grabbed his hand and began pulling in the opposite direction.
  2. She didn’t think, she just went for it. Speaking to Fox 8, Julianne recalled the feeling of seeing the man trying to take Hayden. “When he tried to grab my brother, I knew like this was serious. This was not like any handshake or anything,” she said. “I just grabbed my brother and went into the backyard because there was no time to panic. You just have to go with it.” It worked – Hayden was pulled to safety.
  3. The kids’ dad confronted the man when he saw how panicked they were. As Joshua Moore remembered, Julianne came running into the backyard, yanking Hayden behind her and saying that someone had tried to take her brother. He immediately went out to confront the kidnapper and saw him walking down the street. “I said, ‘Excuse me, did you touch my child?’ And he just threw his arms out like this and continued walking. At that point, I came back. My daughter was crying and upset, and we called police,” Joshua said.
  4. The Cleveland Division of Police found the attempted kidnapper and arrested him. Pedro Luyando, 33 and from Cleveland, was arrested and charged with abduction.


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