Girl Scout Cookie Season Is Nearly Here — And You Can Order Them Online!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, door-to-door and other in-person sales of Girl Scout cookies have been canceled in order to protect the health of the girls and potential customers. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer without your Thin Mints this year because you can now order Girl Scout cookies online!

  1. Online cookie orders aren’t entirely new. Previously, if you happened to come face-to-face with a Girl Scout, they could give you their unique “Digital Cookie” number so you could order online that way and the girl would get credit for it. However, you had to actually have that number to place an order whereas the organization has now opened it up to everyone.
  2. You can still help Girl Scouts from the comfort of your home. As a press release from the Girl Scouts’ CEO Sylvia Acevedo explained, “For 108 years, Girl Scouts has been there in times of crisis and turmoil, and today we are stepping forward with new initiatives to help girls, their families, and consumers connect, explore, find comfort, and take action.”
  3. You don’t even have to buy cookies—you can donate them too! If you already have enough Girl Scout cookies or you’re simply feeling generous, you can buy cookies online to be donated to “first responders, volunteers, and local causes in need.” Nothing feels better than giving back, right?
  4. Hopefully, Girl Scouts allows us to buy cookies online forever. Even after this crisis is over, it would be great if you could order Girl Scout cookies online every year moving forward. After all, not all of us know or come across Scouts in our daily lives and not all of us have the time in our schedules to hit up a sale that’s being set up. Being able to order what we want on the website ensures the money gets where it needs to go and the cookies get where they need to go—our bellies!
  5. So where can you buy them? Log on and buy your Girl Scout cookies HERE. Bon appetit!
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