Why A Girl Who Reads Makes An Amazing Girlfriend

Why A Girl Who Reads Makes An Amazing Girlfriend ©iStock/BraunS

We might have been the nerdy ones in high school, the ones always carrying around a book or sneaking chapters in during lectures. We quoted Harry Potter and wore “I Love Mr. Darcy” t-shirts. But now, readers are sexy and smart, whimsical and quick-witted. In fact, a girl who reads will probably make the best girlfriend ever — here’s why:

  1. She knows how to fall in love. She’s read and dreamed about falling in love for years! She knows what it looks like and how it makes you feel because she’s read about characters falling in love since she was a child. You better believe that she knows the difference between a crush and true love, and she won’t settle for anything less than the latter.
  2. She’s extremely empathetic. There is always a bad guy (or girl) in every book. Good novels know how to make the antagonist just another character, teaching the readers that they are more than what they seem and encouraging you to always see every side of a person before making judgment. A girl who reads translates this ability into her real life and is always considering every side of a person before making a snap opinion.
  3. She’s a dreamer. Some novels are popular because they present us with an image of life that was created from the imagination. As a result, she, the reader, dreams about what a perfect life for her looks like and pushes to create it.
  4. She’s a good listener. Reading requires patience and thorough analyzing. So does listening. As she reads, she becomes one of your best listeners and therefore, a really good friend. She’ll always hear you out, 100 percent.
  5. She believes in romance. Novels have taught the world what romance looks like and sort of set the bar really high. As a result, she probably has some pretty sweet and thoughtful romantic gestures stashed away for that perfect somebody.
  6. She knows how to maintain a relationship. Reading a novel, especially a series, requires commitment and time. As a reader, she spends a lot of time getting to know her characters, their lives, and their likes and dislikes. She follows them through sadness and cries when they get their happy ending. This type of commitment is absolutely transferable into real life relationships.
  7. She’s very introspective. Books are full of sentimental quotes and unforgettable advice that has the ability to affect our attitudes and our character. If you see her with a highlighter and pen, marking and scribbling away, that’s a good indicator that she’s uncovered another sentence or two that means something to her. If she has the ability to do this with a book, she’ll probably always find special, meaningful things about a significant other.
  8. She’s analytical. Books urge readers to constantly think outside the box and analyze everything. There are always hidden meanings and metaphors between the pages. Having exercised this practice over and over, book to book, she’ll be able to make sound decisions. You’ll also never be able to sneak anything by her because she’s mastered the art of uncovering a foreshadow.
Kasandra Lynn is a freelance writer and blogger living in a small town. She is an aspiring novelist with a BA in English, has completed 2 novels, writes for multiple non-profit organizations and gets her blog, FairlyChic.com, published in a weekly column for her local newspaper.