Why Do Some Girls Seem To Have Amazing Luck In Love? Here’s What They’re Doing Right

You’ve probably noticed how certain girls are just lucky when it comes to dating and relationships. They have a stream of eligible men at their disposal, they always have boyfriends who treat them like princesses, and they’re a guy magnet wherever they go. Meanwhile, you’re at home staring at your phone and waiting for the guy you went on one date with to finally text you back. So what gives?

  1. They’re Confident. Girls who have a bunch of men dying to take them out are usually some of the most self-assured women you’ll ever come in contact with. They exude confidence, and when they step foot into any room, people can’t help but be in awe. Men are addicted to a confident woman because they know she has options, and they want to be the guy who sweeps her off her feet.
  2. They Don’t Accept Bad Behavior. Girls who get all the guys aren’t going to allow anyone to stay in their lives who’s treating them poorly. They’ll immediately drop a guy who’s exhibiting bad behavior, and they won’t even think twice about giving someone a second chance. They don’t have time for someone who’s disrespectful, and guys instinctively know this, so they’re always on their best behavior.
  3. They Play by Their Own Rules. When it comes to dating, a girl who attracts a lot of men always follows her own guidelines. She doesn’t spend her free time reading dating books and following outdated rules that have been constructed by an author who hasn’t been on a date in the last 20 years. Instead, she dances to the beat of her own damn drum. She does what feels right and rejects everything that feels wrong.
  4. They Stay Busy. They always have something going on, and getting them nailed down for a date is nearly impossible. If they’re not at their tennis lesson, they’re having drinks with the girls; and if they’re not working on their new business venture, they’re at the library with their heads buried inside a Jane Austen novel. Their busy life makes them appear more appealing to every guy they come in contact with because it shows they have a life, hobbies, and interests of their own.
  5. They Don’t Accept Last-Minute Dates. You may think you should accept any and every last minute date that comes your way, but being too eager to hang out with a guy is never a good thing. A girl who gets all the guys never accepts a last minute date. Guys know if they want to see her, they need to plan well in advance. They have to work hard to spend time with her, and that makes her irresistible.
  6. They’re Mysterious. You may be tempted to spill your guts on the first date, but nothing spells “needy” more than a girl who’s telling her entire life story after knowing a guy for ten minutes. When it comes to dating and having men drool all over you, you have to leave some things a mystery. Don’t let him know too much before he has earned your trust, and don’t let him know where you’re at and what you’re doing at all times. Being a bit elusive is definitely the way to go.
  7. They’re Not Clingy. When you really like a guy, it’s normal to want to spend an excessive amount of time with him, but too much togetherness is the quickest way to make a guy grow sick and tired of you. Girls who have no trouble getting guys are never clingy. They’re not constantly blowing up a guy’s phone, and they definitely don’t beg guys to spend time with them neither.
  8. Jealousy is an Emotion They Don’t Feel. Okay, we all get jealous from time to time, but there’s a difference in the way some girls allow jealousy to control their dating lives. If you let a guy know you’re jealous of another woman in his life, you’re only going to cause problems for yourself and your relationship. Your insecurity reeks, and before long, he will move on to someone who isn’t controlled by this emotion. A girl who has men tripping all over themselves never lets it be known when she’s feeling jealous, and because she remains so unbothered at all times, she’s practically irresistible.
  9. They Keep Their Options Open. Girls who have a bunch of guys lined up to date them aren’t sitting at home waiting for one particular guy to make their hotline bling. Instead, they keep their options open and date multiple men at the same time until one guy shines brightly above the rest. Because they never settle for the first guy who gives them attention, they’re able to keep their emotions in check, and they approach dating more objectively. Men are attracted to these types of girls because there’s no pressure, and everything is stress-free.
  10. They Speak Up. Keeping your lips sealed when something bothers you is one reason why you’re always unlucky when it comes to love. You may be trying to play it cool by keeping your thoughts to yourself, but you’re actually doing more harm than good. Girls who easily get men don’t have an issue with speaking their minds, and if a guy is doing or saying something they don’t agree with, they have no problem voicing their opinion. These girls know that in order to get what they want, they have to speak up!
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