Girly Activities You Can Totally Get Your Guy To Do

He might not always admit it, but men love to do more than just burp, fart and scratch their junk. With a little persuasion, he might just be willing to try out some of your favorite girly activities. He might threaten you to never tell a single soul, but he doesn’t have to know about all those photos you secretly shot while he was doing ’80s karaoke night with you and the girls.

And who said guys couldn’t enjoy these supposed “women’s only” activities? Odds are, he probably already secretly enjoys quite a few of these girly activities for guys. Now, you just have to convince him to let loose, have fun and not give a damn what anyone else thinks.

  1. Couples mani/pedi day. Men like to look nice, too. Drag him along the next time you head out to have your nails done. He’ll wonder why he never treated himself before now. Many men now get manicures on a regular basis. Who knows, this might just become a new thing for the two of you.
  2. Relaxing time at the spa. Outside of a massage, many men leave spa time to women. Yet more and more guys are learning how relaxing a facial or full body treatments actually are. They also love feeling all clean and renewed, just like you.
  3. Heading out for a girls’ night. This one might take a bit more convincing. Make plans to do something you know he’d like too. He probably already makes fun of girl time, so show him how much fun it really is to hang with the girls. You might just find him wanting to tag along more often.
  4. Dancing like no one’s watching. Turn your next stay-in date into a dance party. Yes, men love dancing like idiots as much as we do. It’s not about skill, it’s about having fun. Make a playlist of both you and his favorite songs and just go crazy.
  5. Actually dancing in front of people. I’m not talking slow dancing, either. Once he’s comfortable dancing in private, take him out in public. This is perfect for girls’ night. Without his guy friends around, he’ll be more comfortable and he’ll enjoy all the attention from your friends. Don’t get jealous. Just enjoy him dancing with you.
  6. Watching rom-coms. Most guys aren’t going to readily admit that rom-coms are a guilty pleasure. He might not love super sappy movies, but you can get him to watch something romantic with a comedic edge. Besides, who can’t relate to a great rom-com?
  7. Diving into celebrity gossip. Leave a few magazines laying around or switch the TV to an entertainment talk show. He suddenly get interested and the next thing you know, he’s talking about Kimye like a pro. He won’t even realize what happened until it’s too late.
  8. Shopping all day – for him. It doesn’t matter if your man only has three shirts and two pairs of jeans. You can get him addicted to shopping. Take him out and make it all about him. Pick out things for him to try on. Let him model for you. Make a fuss over how hot he looks. Suddenly, he won’t mind shopping all day with you anymore.
  9. Trying out all the fruity mixed drinks. Guys have this limited number of drinks they can order. If it’s colorful or has a girly name, he’s not supposed to order it. Whatever. Go out together and challenge him to try the most girly mixed drink on the menu. It won’t take him long to realize how great those damn things are.
  10. Going to a cat cafe. Honestly, who doesn’t love cute, cuddly cats? It won’t take much convincing to get him to go with you to a cat cafe. While they’re still not huge here in America, I’m hoping they will be soon. Get ready to see the mushy, completely adorable side of your man.
  11. Singing along to Taylor Swift. It’s hard not to like Taylor Swift. Odds are, your man already knows several songs by heart. Start singing in the car with him and he’ll quickly join in. It’s a bonding moment like no other.
  12. Getting obsessed with reality TV. Do you love watching Dance Moms or Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Convince your guy to watch a few episodes with you. He’ll get hooked in no time. He’ll want to binge watch past episodes and then bitch about what’s going just like you. It’s hilarious watching a guy get upset over The Bachelor. Go ahead, see what reality show you can get him addicted to.
  13. Eating ice cream, all day, in bed, without sex. It’s no secret that us girls love having a lazy, ice cream infused, completely relaxing day in bed. Find some movies both of you love or plan on a major Netflix binge-a-thon and drag him to bed with you. No having to get all dressed up and no sex. Just cuddles, junk food and TV.

Girly activities are for everyone. Don’t let your man go through life without enjoying all these great things. All it takes is one time and he’ll love having some girly time himself.

Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.