People Are Swallowing Glitter Pills To Make Their Crap Sparkle

The internet has been a wonderful invention in many ways, allowing us to learn about everything under the sun as well as connect to people around the world at any time. However, there are plenty of downsides too, one of which being some of the idiotic trends that seem to take hold. One such trend is swallowing glitter pills to make your crap sparkle. Why is this a thing?

these pills make you poop glitter 5/$15 on etsy from r/WTF

A company called S**t The Glitter is behind the pills. They sell exactly what you would imagine they sell: tiny pills filled with lots of glitter, from general multi-colored pills to holiday-themed colors and everything in between.

With a name like that, it’s clear what you’re supposed to do. While I’m assuming legal obligations force S**t The Glitter to insist that the point of the pills is to go to the toilet and then dump the glitter in so that you never ingest it, there would be a) no reason to do that and b) no reason to put the product in pill form if that was the case anyway. They’re meant to be swallowed and that’s what people are doing.

Who wants glittery crap anyway? There’s literally zero point in having glittery poo, especially since you’re literally just going to flush the toilet within 30 seconds of standing up anyway. Why on earth would you want or need a product like this?

It’s incredibly bad for you. Glitter is NOT meant to be ingested in any form. It’s incredibly abrasive and can cause serious digestive and intestinal problems, from creating blockages to irritating the lining of your stomach or intestines. It’s even been suggested that glitter can alter hormone production in the body.

It’s not great for animals or the environment either. Most glitter is made from plastics, which contribute to the serious environmental problem we’re having with microplastics. Marine animals then eat those plastics and it ends up killing them. Birds have also been killed by a build-up of glitter in their system. It’s just bad all-around.

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