Thoughts You Have When You Go Out Even Though You Really Don’t Want To

Thoughts You Have When You Go Out Even Though You Really Don’t Want To ©iStock/targovcom

There might have been in a time, probably during your early 20s, that you jumped at every chance to go out. Even if you had to get up early the next day, or you were just getting over a cold, or you only had $20 in your bank account, you’d find some reason why going out was the best idea ever. But these days, the thought of putting on a bra, choosing the right shoes, and actually venturing out on the town seems more like a chore than anything else. There are always certain people and events you’ll go out for, even if you don’t really feel like it. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t counting the minutes until you can go home.

  1. How far from home am I willing to venture? If I have to transfer subway trains I’m not going. If it’s more than a half hour drive I’m not going. It would be ideal if I could just walk there, is that asking too much?
  2. How much is a cab home going to cost me? If it’s going to be more than $20, I’ll just use the subway as an excuse to leave early.
  3. Maybe if I have another drink, I’ll have more fun. My choices are either drink more and hope it gets me in the partying mood, or tolerate all these drunk people while I’m sober. Let’s make it a double.
  4. I wonder what my cat is doing. When I’m home, he sleeps at the foot of my bed. What if he’s lonely? Is he wondering where I am? He better not be scratching my brand new couch cushions again. I really should get home and check on him.
  5. I could be at home watching Scandal right now. I’m only two episodes away from season one finale and it’s starting to get really good. If anyone here starts talking about the current season, I’m just going to get up and leave. I hate spoilers.
  6. I forgot how uncomfortable these jeans are. I spent most of my time in work appropriate clothes or my pajamas. Now that I think about it, I haven’t work these jeans in months. Were they always this tight? Maybe it’s time to start actually using that gym membership again.
  7. She came to my birthday, I owe her a few hours. A good friend’s birthday is one of those things that you really can’t get out of. She knows when you’re making up an excuse, and she’s not going to let it slide. Besides, if she’s really a good friend, you should want to be there, right?
  8. Who are all these people? Since you rarely make it out, you actually have no idea who all your friend’s other friends are. You’ll be judging their every move, because the second one of them rubs you the wrong way, you’ll have a reason to tell you’re friend you’re going to head out.
  9. When can I leave? Usually you’ll have some kind of deadline in your head that you established before you even arrived. Having a goal, like two drinks, or two hours of socializing makes it seem like you accomplished something and you’re now free to go home and do what you want with the rest of your night.
  10. I should do this more often. Sometimes you drag yourself out and you actually have a great time, despite all the odds, and you wonder why you’re such a party pooper all the time. You’ll vow to get out more, because while staying home is awesome, it’s really all about balance.
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