‘The Golden Girls’ Version Of Clue Is The TV-Themed Board Game Of Your Dreams

I’ve never been happier about anything than the fact that The Golden Girls is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. The series went off the air all the way back in 1992, but that hasn’t stopped a whole new generation of fans from falling in love with Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, and Beatrice. And because of this, we get awesome stuff like this Golden Girls-themed version of Clue, the classic board game pretty much everyone is familiar with.

  1. It’s not about murder, it’s about cheesecake. While the original version of Clue has players trying to solve a murder, this is about something much more important and insidious: who ate the last piece of cheesecake? Whoever it is should be ashamed of herself!
  2. You get to play as your favorite Golden Girl. However, this game is for up to six people, so there are two random player pieces. One looks like a mystery suitor with a rose and I don’t even know what the other one is. Another man with a weird monkey thing. Just go with it.
  3. The token pieces are hilarious too. Instead of being murder weapons like in the original version of Clue, the Golden Girls Clue offers up a hairspray bottle, a robe, a purse, a tube of lipstick, an armchair, and a high heel. Basically classic Golden Girls symbols that make this game even better.
  4. The custom board is the Golden Girls house. Did someone eat the cheesecake in Blanche’s bedroom? Was it eaten hastily in the garage? Who knows, but it’s certainly possible since the board is set up to be like the women’s house on the show. Just another authentic and fun little touch that makes this version of the game so unique.
  5. If you love The Golden Girls, you need this game. There really isn’t much more to say about it. It’s amazing, a ton of fun, and a unique gift for anyone who loves the show.

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