How To Be A Good Boyfriend To A Strong Alpha Woman

How To Be A Good Boyfriend To A Strong Alpha Woman ©iStock/svetikd

Most women want a guy who not only has his act together, but is also funny, easy to get along with, and attentive and caring. It seems simple, but in reality, it’s shockingly difficult to find, especially if you’re a strong alpha woman who has no intention of settling for less than you deserve. Luckily, a lot of the time it’s just little adjustments that could turn an OK boyfriend into a great boyfriend.

  1. Be supportive of her decisions. A strong, alpha woman is perfectly capable of making her own choices, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate a guy who will support those choices. She doesn’t necessarily need a guy’s approval, but she’ll like knowing that he trusts her judgement.
  2. Be proud of her accomplishments. An alpha woman has probably met a few guys in her life that were intimidated by her success. So, she needs a guy who can handle her strength and will even brag about how awesome she is and what she’s capable of. He can’t constantly be measuring her worth against his own.
  3. Give her plenty of space. One of an alpha woman’s biggest turn offs is a needy guy who smothers her. She doesn’t need a guy around 24/7, so if she’s with you that means she wants to be. Don’t make her second-guess her judgement by being too clingy.
  4. Challenge her. A strong, alpha woman is used to getting what she wants, so if you want to keep her interest you have to give her something to work for. She doesn’t want a guy she can walk all over either, she wants a guy who’s just as strong as she is.
  5. Let her be vulnerable sometimes. Strong women are proud of their ability to handle anything. But even the strongest girl out there needs someone to lean on every once in awhile. Be there for her in the tough times and she won’t hesitate to do the same for you.
  6. Have your own goals. No alpha woman wants to be with a guy who considers getting out of bed at noon, smoking a joint, and maybe ordering in a pizza a productive day. If she’s out there busting her ass to build a career, she’ll expect you to be doing the same.
  7. Be honest about what you want. Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, knowing what you want and being able to verbalize it will be really attractive to her. She doesn’t have time for games, so avoid subtle manipulations in favor of honest communication and she’ll be happy.
  8. Let her take the lead. She’s perfectly comfortable making the first move, and actually prefers it sometimes, so it’s fine to back off a bit and let her do that every once in awhile. She’ll never keep you guessing about what she wants, so instead of feeling emasculated by it, just sit back and enjoy it.
  9. Choose passion over cliche romance. If you want to woo an alpha woman, the best way is to be creative and confident. She wants you to surprise her sometimes, kiss her for no reason, and get caught up on the moment. Do someone unexpected if you want her to remember you, because another box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day isn’t going to make much of an impression.
  10. Be her equal. She may be strong, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be taking care of you. She’d much rather you were a team and built a solid relationship together. Pull your weight because if you don’t, she’ll start overcompensating and end up resenting you for being weak.
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