Are Good Guys Just Not Your Type?

Some of us love nothing more than to contradict ourselves in every second breath. You may say you’re looking for someone who’s trustworthy, loyal, and sweet, but when a guy who fits the bill comes along, you just can’t make it work (or don’t particularly want to). Sound familiar? Here are some tell-tale signs that so-called ‘good guys’ are just not your type:

  1. You’re addicted to the chase. When you think of romance, what comes to mind? If it’s snuggling up with your boyfriend and watching Netflix, you might just be into nice guys. If, on the other hand, it’s vying for a man’s attention and sending him endless messages, you’re chasing the wrong men. If you’re addicted to the sheer thrill of the chase, you’re always gonna go for the wrong guys. Trust me, though — that BS soon gets really old.
  2. You think that some guys are too sappy. So you meet a good guy and he starts to romance you. You tell me what happens next. If you start to get seriously turned off and complain that he’s sappy, that might just be your problem. The sorrowful truth is that some of ladies just cannot stand good guys. Does all that sappiness make you queasy?
  3. You never want to meet the parents. A guy you meet utters the terrifying ‘P’ word, and you run a mile, right? When you’re not looking for all that good guy nonsense, the last thing you want to do is meet another person’s parents. If you’re the kind of girl who loves a bad boy, you’re probably gonna want to keep things as casual as possible. No big deal.
  4. Your friends try (and fail) to set you up. Are you that single girl whose friends are always trying to set her up? How come it never ever works out, eh? Your gal pals will always choose nice guys for you because that’s what they think you deserve. If you’re not into that type, though, you will be the one who always screws it up.
  5. The more a guy is a jerk, the more you like him. When a guy treats you like the dirt on his shoe, you just can’t get enough. You know that it’s wrong. You know that it’s likely hurting you emotionally, but you keep trying to keep him around. The worse he treats you, the deeper you fall for him. It’s a sickness, but you don’t want to find a cure.
  6. You’re always the one texting a guy. You’re always the one putting more effort into texting than the guy is. You spend all day long pining for that man to text you back. At a simple ‘K’ or ‘Sure’, your heart skips a dozen beats. You spend hours composing long, well-thought-out texts, and he can’t be bothered to use more than a syllable. Is something wrong with this picture?
  7. You think that you can ‘change’ men. When your girlfriends tell you that this guy is a loser, you ignore them or tell them that he can change. You’re the kind of girl who always has some kind of man drama going on in her life. For some reason, though, every damn time you meet a bad boy, you think you can change him. (Spoiler: You seriously cannot!)
  8. You complain that you can’t find a nice guy. What makes matters even worse is that you spend a massive chunk of your time complaining that you simply cannot find a nice guy no matter how hard you look. You must know deep down the reason why. The truth of the matter is that you don’t even want a good guy — you just say you do for dramatic effect. Now cut the BS.
  9. You’ve friendzoned too many men. Oh, and when a good guy does walk into your life, you always follow the same pattern. You friendzone TF out of them before they even stand a chance. Your girlfriends tell you you’re a fool, but that doesn’t matter. You just can’t picture yourself with a ‘nice’ guy like that. Admit it.
  10. You always end up heartbroken AF. Heartbrokenness is less a temporary state and more a recurring theme with you. Every couple of months, you find yourself in the same damn position. It doesn’t matter how hard you try with a guy — you’re always the one who ends up with her heart shattered and her head screwed up. Now, honestly ask yourself why. The answer shouldn’t surprise you.
Charlotte is a freelance writer who's addicted to binge-watching TV, drinking far too much coffee, and writing articles.