Why Do All Of The Good Guys Seem To Be Taken?

Doesn’t it suck when it seems like everyone else seems to be in a blissful relationship, and the only thing you’re committed to is getting takeout alone on Saturday nights? Everywhere you look, it’s like all of the good guys are already in relationships, and honestly, it’s starting to dampen my dating spirits.

  1. All the guys I like don’t like me. Why does it always seem that the guys I like end up dating someone else? It’s like none of the guys that I want to be with actually want to be with me. They always seem to find someone else or lose interest. I know I’m a catch, so why don’t the good guys like me back?
  2. No one ever meets my standards. I know, I know: you’re not supposed to set the bar too high. And honestly, I don’t. I just want someone who is a little bit better than the jerks that always seem to show up at my door. Maybe I’m difficult to love, but surely that’s not too much to ask. I want a guy that can at least come close to meeting my standards, but anytime I meet a guy like that, he’s already taken.
  3. I only find jerks. Everyone else I know seems to attract at least half-decent men, but for some reason, the douchebags always flock to me. It’s like every guy that I come across is a rude, immature manchild who don’t even know what being in a real relationship means. I guess that’s why no one else has claimed them yet.
  4. I’m not interested in any of the single guys I know. All of the single guys that I actually know in real life are just not that enticing to me. Yeah, I’m friends with some cool guys who are single, but I don’t want to date any of them. They’re nice, but they’re not what I’m looking for in a guy. And besides, I don’t want to ruin those friendships by getting into a relationship that might not work out.
  5. There aren’t enough options out there. Supposedly, there are a lot of proverbial fish in the sea. So why can’t I find anyone? Seriously, I feel like I have more choices at McDonald’s than I do when it comes to finding someone to date. It seems like the dating pool is just getting smaller and smaller, probably because everyone has already snatched up the good ones.
  6. I don’t want to be stuck with the leftovers. I know I’m capable of finding a great guy, but somehow I always get stuck with the ones that everyone’s already decided aren’t worth the time of day. And it’s just not cool. I want a good guy too, so where are they hiding?
  7. Anytime I meet a good guy, he’s already seeing someone. Whenever I see a guy that I’m actually attracted to at a bar or in a coffee shop and I make the bold first move of introducing myself, he always seems to reply that he’s already seeing someone. And then my emotions go from excited to disappointed in a flash. Maybe I just have really bad luck, because seriously, every good guy is already dating someone else.
  8. Good guys don’t stay single long. It’s like there’s a secret alarm that goes off any time a good guy goes on the market, and all of the sudden, it’s a mad dash to scoop him up. I can’t seem to find any good guys because they don’t stay single long enough for me to meet them. By the time I run into them, some other lady has made her move, swept in, and taken him.
  9. Guys that are single must have something wrong with them. This may be a misconception that I have, but I feel like most of the guys that are single must have some kind of problem. Otherwise, why would they be single? There must be a good reason they’re not dating anyone, so even when I do find someone I could see myself with, I’m constantly waiting for him to show his true (ugly) colors.
  10. The guys I meet online aren’t looking for the same things I am. These days, the only way that I can find guys to date seems to be through dating sites or apps. And to be real with you, the guys that are on those sites aren’t the best in the world. It’s not necessarily a hub for awesome guys who are looking for a serious relationship, but there’s got to be at least one or two great guys in there… right?
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