Good Men Are Rare, But Once You Find The One, Everything Is Different

When you’ve gone out with one too many bad guys, it might seem like dating is the same disappointing experience every single time — and frankly, who could blame you? You’re constantly waiting for a text back; you’re confused about where things are going; you’re riddled with the anxiety of the unknown… the list goes on and on. Thankfully, when you finally find a solid guy, none of that happens. In fact, if he’s the right guy for you, you’ll know it fairly quickly. Here’s how:

  1. You stop overanalyzing every little thing. His cryptic messages are no longer a group chat discussion with your girlfriends and you don’t question what he means with each and every little emoji because his messages and interest in you are clear. He’s not a little f*ckboy who gives you vague responses, he’s a man who isn’t afraid to communicate maturely.
  2. You’re not anxious to hear back from him. Even if sometimes a few hours goes by without keeping in touch, you know he’s going to get back to you eventually because he’s consistent and he doesn’t leave you hanging. Because of this, your anxieties and frustrations stop dead in their tracks. It’s nice to finally date a guy who doesn’t string you along or give you reasons to keep your walls up high. Instead, they come crashing down ceremoniously.
  3. You feel secure with yourself and the relationship. Not only do you feel f*cking amazing and more confident about yourself, but for the first time in a long time, you feel great about where things are going with him. He doesn’t make you question his feelings because he tells you all the time. He doesn’t make you wonder when the other shoe is about to drop because he’s never dropped the ball on dating you. You can feel it in your gut that this guy is the real deal, and it’s an incredible feeling.
  4. You don’t worry about other women. When you used to date the typical Tinder douchebag who had a plethora of other women in rotation, it used to mess with your head knowing that the guy you’re trying to build something with was seeking out better options. Thankfully, it’s nothing like this with the right guy. When you meet the right guy and start dating him, you two are all about each other. There’s not even any room to question if anyone else is in the mix because it’s pretty damn clear from how much time you spend together and your communication habits that there’s no one else.
  5. You brag without hesitation. You used to hold off on getting too excited about guys and avoided talking things up in fear that he would turn out to be like all the rest, but with the right guy, you know you’re in safe territory. You know it would take something truly huge to destroy what you have, so you feel at complete ease to gush about the amazing weekend you had or your excitement about an upcoming trip you’ve planned together.
  6. You don’t question his loyalty towards you. He’s into you all the way and because of that, you don’t worry that he could stray from you if something better comes along. You’re his everything and he lets you know every single day that he cares for you and only you.
  7. You welcome him into your space and vice versa. You were always a bit iffy about guys before him. You’d never think of spending every single night with a guy you were dating before or having him leave stuff at your place and completely invading your space, but with the right guy, it just feels natural and not a bother at all. In fact, you clear out space for each other as if it’s a completely natural and normal thing. There’s no feeling of a takeover — you both want each other completely in all ways.
  8. You enjoy every little detail with him, even the seemingly boring tasks. Who knew that pushing a shopping cart around the grocery store could be so exciting? You love every single thing that you do with him, from the simple car rides to simply sitting together in each other’s company while you’re both doing your own thing in complete silence. Even waiting in long lines aren’t as daunting because being together is the happiest you’ve both felt in a long time.
  9. You can legit see him in your future. You don’t hesitate to daydream about a future life with him because you know it’s pretty damn likely to happen. He’s not the classic jerk you’re used to dating — he’s so much more. He makes you feel comfortable, loved and genuinely excited about the future relationship milestones you’ve always dreamed about.
  10. You allow yourself to fall completely. Your heart is no longer in a vault, protected from the a**hole guys you’re used to. It’s completely open with the right guy and you fall for him in a way you didn’t think you could again. Falling for the right guy changes you; it makes you feel alive and finally content with where your heart has landed. The best part is that when you allow yourself to fall for him completely, not only does he catch you, he also falls in love with you right back.