Being Good With Money Is A Huge Turn On—Here’s Why

When you start working a real job and realize how much work goes into a paycheck, being able to budget and save really moves up on the list of qualities a guy should have. I don’t know about you, but a man who can handle his finances is a huge turn on for me—here’s why:

  1. IT TELLS ME HE’S RESPONSIBLE. He’s not out wasting his money on things that don’t matter. He has real bills to pay and he’s grown up enough to understand that they need to be paid on time. Sure, he can still treat himself and have fun, but he has his priorities straight.
  2. HE KNOWS HOW TO RUN A HOUSEHOLD. If we ever end up getting married, I can trust that he can run our household without my help. He can keep our bills organized and check up on our savings account to make sure it’s growing and helps us stay on track for doing the things we really want to do. I want to be a part of our finances too, but it’s sexy to know he’s totally capable of doing it himself.
  3. HE’S MATURE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF HIS BUSINESS. He doesn’t live with his parents anymore and he’s not dependent on anyone but himself. He has full control of his own finances, makes his own money and doesn’t need to lean on ole mom and dad to get through to the next pay check. He’s all man and can handle his business the way a man should.
  4. HE HAS SELF – CONTROL. Of course he wants things but he knows how to walk away from stuff he doesn’t really need. He doesn’t treat himself constantly and definitely knows you don’t get everything you want. He’s the last guy your grandfather would call an “entitled millennial,” which is a compliment, to say the least.
  5. HE ISN’T UP TO HIS EYEBALLS IN DEBT. Nothing says baggage quite like coming into a serious relationship with tons of debt. You can bet he’s not going to stress you out with six maxed out credit cards he can’t pay. He’s the kind of guy who manages all of his debts works hard to keep it as low as possible. He wants to live his life without being chained to debt.
  6. HE KNOWS HOW TO STRETCH HIS MONEY. He’s the kind of guy who knows how to stretch a dollar. Instead of ordering a $20 pizza, he’ll cook a meal at home. Instead of going out to the bar to drink, he’ll hang out with his buddies at home and drink a six pack. He’s not necessarily stingy, but he knows when spending money is unnecessary and he’s not afraid to be a little uncomfortable to save his cash.
  7. HE KNOWS HOW TO SAY NO. Even when his friends are begging him to go on that expensive weekend trip, he’s not afraid to just say no. He isn’t swayed by what other people think and is totally fine with being the odd guy out with trying to save money. He knows that he’ll have more opportunities to have fun when he has more money, and he’d rather enjoy his vacations than scrape by to split a hotel room.
  8. HE KNOWS WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO HIM. He has his priorities straight. He knows what he wants out of life and what he can sacrifice to get those things. He doesn’t make a lot of impulse purchases and has his mind focused on those more important investments.
  9. HE’S CONTENT WITH WHAT HE HAS. His happiness in life isn’t based on how much stuff he has. He’s thankful to have what he does and doesn’t feel the need to constantly add more stuff just because that’s what society says to do. He finds joy in the simple things and doesn’t take his blessings for granted. He doesn’t get all caught up in what other people have and is very down to earth.
  10. HE KNOWS HOW TO SET GOALS FOR HIMSELF. He isn’t easily distracted by things that don’t matter. He’s a doer and has his mind set on the future. He has big dreams but he doesn’t just sit on them—he’s going after what he really wants. He’s saving to make a life for himself and isn’t waiting for it to happen on its own. He’s focused, driven and bound to succeed simply because he’s willing to work for his success.
  11. HE KNOWS WHAT’S WORTH SPLURGING ON. Just because he doesn’t spend money at the drop of a hat doesn’t mean that he’s automatically stingy. Imagine a guy saving money on fast food during the week because he wants to treat you to a nice date on Saturday. Or, a guy who wants to be with you down the road and wants to build a successful future instead of a super-fun now. When you become the long-term plan, he’ll want to treat you without having to pinch pennies.
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