12 Things You Deserve In A Good Relationship & Shouldn’t Do Without

12 Things You Deserve In A Good Relationship & Shouldn’t Do Without ©iStock/CoffeeAndMilk

We all deserve healthy and happy relationships. Different people have different expectations and desires in love, but a few things should be present in any strong partnership. Here are 10 things you deserve in a good relationship and should never have to do without:

  1. Someone who makes your birthday special. Birthdays are important. Some people would rather have no acknowledgment of the day or at least not have a big deal made of it, but your partner should still want to do it. Birthdays are all about you and celebrating your life. Your guy should understand that.
  2. Someone who texts you back. Just do it, guys. I agree that no one likes an over-texter. You shouldn’t be glued to your phone when you’re apart and with your friends, so when your guy is with his buddies, give him some space. However, he should answer the occasional text or the “Goodnight, I love you” message (and you shouldn’t have to nag him to do it). It’s not hard.
  3. Someone who tells you you’re pretty. Compliments are so special and make you feel good. Nothing will make your butterflies flutter more than when you’re looked in the eye and told that you’re beautiful in the eyes of the person you love and who loves you back.
  4. Someone who notices when you change your hair. You may not cut or dye your hair a certain way to impress anyone but yourself, but it’s really great when your boyfriend notices and compliments you on the change. It shows he actually notices, even after you’ve been together for a significant amount of time.
  5. Someone who makes time to hang out with your friends. Now that you’re getting older, your friend group is probably starting to incorporate your boyfriends in your get-togethers sometimes, and when that happens, you want your man to be there. It’s important that even though your guy would probably be out with his buddies, watching the game and drinking beer, he makes time to show face and have fun with your friends because its important to you.
  6. Someone who cares about your safety. If you’re leaving my boyfriend’s house for the night, he should ask you to text him when you’re safely home (if he’s not taking you there himself). No matter how late it is, he should always want to make sure you’re OK.
  7. Someone who understands the importance of the occasional date night. Dating can be expensive, so it’s easy to fall into the Netflix and take out routine. But every once in a while, it’s important to dress up, eat a nice meal together, drink a little wine, and enjoy each other’s company in a place other than the couch.
  8. Someone who puts up with your crazy family. We all have crazy/annoying family members. You deserve a guy who goes to family events and parties with you regardless of weird Aunt Sara who gets way too drunk.
  9. Someone who knows your coffee order. When he cares enough to know how important your morning caffeine is to you and makes sure it’s ready for when you wake up in the morning, that’s love.
  10. Someone who wants to create traditions with you. Picking out your tree for Christmas, Sunday breakfast, annual MLB game, or whatever it is that makes the both of you happy, create a little tradition that you do every year. It’s something to look forward to that you both enjoy.
  11. Someone who supports your hobbies. He may not understand/care about fashion, makeup, One Direction, or whatever it is you’re into, but he should show interest and support you anyway. You deserve a guy that appreciates your hobbies and that they make you happy.
  12. Someone who appreciates the little things. You made his favorite tacos for dinner? He should appreciate it. Women are natural people pleasers for the most part and it feels so good to be appreciated.
Shelby is a New England girl who loves mimosas, edamame, new bras, and her Yorkie, Jack.