Google Maps Catches Man Pooing By Roadside In The Netherlands

Google Maps Catches Man Pooing By Roadside In The Netherlands Google Maps

When Google employees cruise through neighborhoods and down highways to capture images for its Maps feature, it only makes sense that they’ll occasionally catch some weird stuff on film. Case in point: a Google Maps seemed to catch a man taking a poo on the side of the road near the Dutch city of Roosendaal. Strange, which is why it immediately took off when someone shared the shots on Reddit.

I found someone pooping in the grass… (Roosendaal, NL) from r/GoogleMaps

  1. What are the odds of this happening? Sure, people do random stuff all the time, but what’s the likelihood of the Google Maps person going around capturing photos at the exact time this guy decides to drop his trousers and take a dump in a field? Sometimes miracles really do happen!
  2. I bet this person would be super embarrassed. The chances of the pooper realizing that he’s been immortalized forever on Google Maps are pretty slim (unless of course he’s a Reddit user and saw this thread), but that’s probably a good thing. I would be horrified not only that I actually got so desperate that I needed to poop on the side of the road but that the moment was caught on camera forever? Yikes!
  3. Maybe it’s not what it seems like? I suppose there’s always a small chance that this person wasn’t really pooping and this is one big joke? Maybe this guy saw the Google Maps car coming and decided to do something hilarious hoping he’d be caught on camera? Hey, it’s always possible.
  4. If nothing else, this is pretty hilarious. I guess when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.
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