Goth Woman Is Nearly Unrecognizable After Undergoing Extreme Makeover To Look Like Barbie

A goth woman who’s never without her extreme makeup and clothing has undergone a makeover so drastic, even her own sister didn’t recognize her afterward. Aryn, who goes by Vampryn, admitted that it usually takes her at least 2.5 hours to get into full goth mode on a daily basis, shaving her eyebrows, adding colored contacts, and doing her makeup. She never dresses or looks any differently, saying that her boyfriend Connor has never known her to look any other way. Well, now he does!

  1. Aryn basically went full Instagram influencer with her Barbie makeover. As part of the truly series Transformed, Aryn claimed that “being normal is boring” and that she likes having such an outlandish look. However, she was totally game to try out the Barbie look, saying, “I’m going from my beautiful dark spooky self to nothing like how I am in any shape or form.” Needless to say, the results were mindblowing.
  2. The artists behind the makeover didn’t cut corners. Makeup artist Melanie Viger generally specializes in “sexy makeup” and found changing up Aryn’s look in that way was easy. However, her hair posed more difficulty since it’s partially shaved and partially dreadlocked. That’s where a wig came in! They even kitted her out in a sexy dress and heels to complete the look.
  3. Even Aryn had no idea what she looked like at first. All of the changes took place away from mirrors, so Aryn had no idea what the makeup artist and stylists were doing to her. “I am so nervous to see myself right now. I never wear pink. Pink sequins are the worst thing I can imagine myself in,” she admitted before the big reveal.”I don’t think it will suit me in all honesty.”
  4. She wasn’t fond of the final look. Aryn’s first word after seeing herself with her new appearance? “Ew.” It obviously wasn’t for her and she got a shock. “I look like a completely different person. I like how the dress looks, I don’t like the color,” she said. “I don’t like having eyebrows.”
  5. Her boyfriend and sister weren’t feeling it either. Not used to seeing Aryn in such girly attire and with her hair and makeup done in such a way, they didn’t know what to think. Her sister’s reaction was pretty intense. “It’s like a Barbie ate Aryn. What did you do with my sister?” she said. “I’m not kidding, if she walked by me on the street right now I would walk right by her. I would not recognize you at all.” Meanwhile, Connor was just in shock. “It’s astonishing the transformation. I’ve never seen Arryn with eyebrows,” he said. “Change her back.”

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