Groom Who Turned Up To His Own Wedding In A Coffin Branded ‘Disrespectful’

A man has been branded “disrespectful” online after he arrived at his own wedding in a coffin. In a video uploaded to TikTok by @tobz88, the man can be seen being carried by the wedding party as he lies inside a closed coffin. On first glance, you would assume it was a very bizarre funeral, but not so. It was a very bizarre wedding instead!

The man was clearly mourning the death of his single self. Everyone jokingly (?) refers to marriage as the end of an era. You’re done playing the field, sleeping and dating around. You’re settling down with one person. However, to enact this “joke” at your actual wedding seems extreme.

He even turned up in a hearse. To take things even further, the groom rented a hearse to transport him to the big day. Once he arrives, he’s transported down the aisle, but his fiance doesn’t seem to be there just yet.

People online are not seeing the joke. “Tell me you don’t want to get married without telling me…” one person commented. Another added: “We would be divorced before we said I do.” A third pointed out that the move was out of place and didn’t work the way the groom likely intended. “I could see if it was a Gothic wedding but it wasn’t even executed nicely,” they wrote.

The groom came back with an update video to explain what happened. The thing behind it was: Rest in peace to the old me because I wasn’t a very good person in the past,” he explained. “We gay as hell. There weren’t no bride coming out the casket. I was in the casket, taking pictures, selfies, chilling.” His partner, Jayde Wayne, said he “wasn’t very happy about it” and had no idea his now-husband would turn up in a coffin.

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