A Grown Man Won’t Get Upset Over These Things, But A Man-Child Might

When you’re a grown-ass woman, the last thing you need is a partner who doesn’t act his age. If you’re not sure if you’re dating a man-child or not, one of the easiest ways to tell is by paying attention to what really gets him worked up. If these scenarios are enough to sour his mood, leave him and find a real man instead.

When you’re not at his beck and call 

He expects you to be there for him all the time whenever he needs you. The minute you’re not available for him because you have a life, he’ll throw a tantrum. Um, why is he treating you like his mom?

When he doesn’t get all the attention 

When you’re at a party or function and speak to someone else for a while instead of your boyfriend, he sulks and gives you the silent treatment. The same goes for when his friends compliment you or enjoy your company. He wants to be the center of attention all the time. So needy!

When he’s criticized 

When someone criticizes your boyfriend, he’s quick to get upset about it. He might feel sad, depressed, or angry, and then you have to hear him go on about it for hours. Ugh. If he can’t deal with basic criticism, he’s clearly immature.

When something goes wrong 

When life doesn’t go the way he planned, he’s quick to throw his toys out of his crib and blame someone for the misfortune. He shifts responsibility like a bratty kid who’s been busted for bad behavior. The only problem is he’s 34, not 13.

When someone says “no” 

The minute someone tells him they can’t do something for him, he’s quick to fight with them. This guy is acting like a spoiled teenager. He needs to wake up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him. 

When you want a serious conversation 

The immature guy isn’t keen on having deep or serious conversations — he’ll try to avoid them at any cost, such as by playing the fool or making jokes. It’s really like trying to get through to a hyperactive kid who won’t listen.

When you’ve reached your limit 

Even though the man-child won’t realize that he’s the one pushing you away with his immature behavior, he’ll be quick to get upset if you decide to walk out of the relationship. How convenient. He doesn’t have a clue about what he wants, which is why he’s usually all over the show with his feelings, but then expects you to deal with his crap. No thanks.

When you don’t want sex 

You might feel tired after a really long and stressful day, or have a headache the size of Texas. But the immature boyfriend doesn’t care. He only cares about his needs and will get upset that you’re not willing to satisfy them. But if he’s going to get worked up about being turned down for sex, he can GTFO.

When you need him 

Although he wants you to be available to him all the time, when the tables are turned and you need help, he won’t be around. He’ll then get upset with you because he’ll say he needed you more than you needed him. What a baby!

When you’re “on his back” 

The immature boyfriend will get upset when you demand certain relationship standards, such as a partner who makes plans to see you instead of leaving you hanging all weekend. He’ll be quick to say you’re “on his back” as though he’s a child and you’re his nagging mother. It’s so gross.

When his selfies get no “likes” 

He loves to post selfies on Facebook because he craves attention. When he doesn’t get any “likes” or positive comments, he’ll get upset about it. Clearly this selfie king needs to man up a bit.

When you catch him flirting

 He’ll act wounded when you tell him you’re sick and tired of his wandering eye. But that’s the hallmark of a man-child: he’s got raging hormones like a teenager and tends to objectify women. It’s sickening.

When you ask him to do chores

 His home is always in a state of disarray. He can’t operate the dishwasher, pick up his own dirty clothes off the floor, or throw away empty pizza boxes. If you ask him to do something around the house, he’ll moan and groan. But you’re not his mama and there’s no way you’re going to pick up after him.

When he sees another man looking at you

 You’re out in public when you get some attention in the form of men looking your way. So what? Instead of feeling proud to be the man by your side, your man-child boyfriend will get upset. Your dinner will be ruined by his jealousy and insecurity issues. It’s always about him and his needs.

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