Guacamole Doritos Are Here And Ready To Become Your New Favorite Snack

Chips and guacamole are definitely one of the most satisfying snacks ever. You get the crunchy chip and the creamy goodness of the avocado in the guac and it’s definitely one of the best combos. If you’ve ever wanted to combine your fav treats in one product, you might be interested to know that Guacamole Doritos exist now!

  1. Guacamole Doritos were a long time coming. To be fair, they have been out as a limited-edition flavor in other countries in the past and even a long time ago in the US, but seeing them in all-new packaging that says nothing about them being temporary/special/not permanent is pretty exciting. They look so delicious!
  2. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t still dip them… Just because Guacamole Doritos are theoretically already packing the flavor punch of a dip doesn’t mean you can’t dip them in the condiment of your choice. Whether that’s more guacamole, salsa, sour cream and onion dip… the list is endless. Use your imagination here!
  3. These ones in particular were spotted in the UK. Instagrammer @_well_this_is_new_ posted a photo of the Guacamole Doritos they found at their local Waitrose store in the UK, so these aren’t out in the US just yet. Still, it does give us hope that they’ll be headed Stateside ASAP because frankly, how could they not? Americans love chips and dip too!
  4. There’s never a bad time for a delicious snack. While we’re all spending pretty much 24/7 indoors at the moment, we need as many delicious snacks as possible to keep our spirits up and our bellies full. While I’m a fan of the original Cheese Doritos, I’ve eaten about 900 bags of those while self-isolating and I’m ready to try something new. Doritos gods, hear our prayers! Bring Guacamole Doritos to the US immediately, pretty please!
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