These Gummy Dill Pickles Look, Smell, And Taste Like The Real Thing

If you love dill pickles — and to be fair, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t — then you’ve probably looked for the flavor in other foods. Dill pickle vodka? Sure! Dill pickle popcorn? Yup, let’s do it. But have you ever considered turning the savory snack into candy? Because gummy dill pickles exist and not only do they look like the real thing but they smell and taste like it too.

  1. Are you brave enough to try it? I mean, I could see eating a gummy candy that actually tastes sweet and like something green like, I dunno, a sour apple or something. But eating a gummy that tastes like pickles? Something just seems so wrong and I don’t know why my brain can’t comprehend it!
  2. To be fair, it is “slightly sweet.” As Vat19’s product description reads, “While still slightly sweet, the predominantly pickle flavor and realistic appearance will trick your taste buds into thinking you plucked it right from the jar.” I’m not sure if that’s meant to sound enticing but I’m still not sure!
  3. It would make a hilarious gift for the pickle lover in your life. For $6, a gummy dill pickle will definitely put a smile on the face of anyone who loves pickles even if it makes them wanna vomit when they actually eat it. But who knows, maybe they’ll actually think it’s delicious and this won’t end up being a gag gift at all but a really deliciously appreciated one. Anything can happen!
  4. If you’re an adventurous eater, you might as well go for it. A gummy pickle might be disgusting in actuality, but at least you can say you tried it when anyone asks. That may not be enough of a reason for you to do it but if you’re looking for a little adventure, why not? Grab yours from Vat19 HERE.
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