If A Guy Doesn’t Trust You Because Of His Own Insecurities, Dump Him

If A Guy Doesn’t Trust You Because Of His Own Insecurities, Dump Him ©iStock/efenzi

Take it from someone who’s been there — don’t stay with a guy who’s too insecure to trust you. It’s not worth your time and energy because all you’ll be left with in the end is a broken heart (and that’s not mentioning all the BS you’ll have to deal with before that). Here are some signs his issues will become yours if you don’t get out while you can:

  1. He just doesn’t trust you. No matter how much you try to reassure him that he can trust you, he just doesn’t. You’ve never given him a reason to not trust you, but because of his past and the way he feels about himself, he constantly thinks (and acts like) you’re going to betray him. Who can live like that?
  2. He accuses you of things you aren’t guilty of. You’re constantly being accused, judged or having words put into your mouth over the most ridiculous things. It’s impossible to reason with him because he only sees it one way, which is his way. This is just not healthy and you don’t have to put up with that crap.
  3. He gets overly jealous. His jealousy pushes you further and further away because it’s not the flattering kind, it’s the negative and defensive kind. If you dare talk to anyone else, he gets his his panties in a bunch and you feel like you can’t even be yourself around him. Conversation with anyone who isn’t him is a threat and it’s exhausting constantly trying to calm him down.
  4. He doesn’t understand you. He just doesn’t get your personality and your motives because he doesn’t even truly understand his own. Being more secure about yourself than he’s ever been about himself makes him feel powerless. He’s not sure how to act because of your confidence and ability to trust others, and he often lashes out on you because of it.
  5. He makes you feel bad. He constantly criticizes you and points out your mistakes and what you’ve done wrong in the relationship. He’s quick to point the finger while denying how hurtful he is back at you. It’s a constant cycle and you feel like nothing you say matters anyway because to him, it’s always your fault.
  6. He isn’t sincere when he apologizes. Because he keeps apologizing for the same thing. He constantly finds himself saying he’s sorry for things he’s apologized for in the past because he just can’t seem to let it go. He can’t seem to move on or make things better between you and that’s not your problem. You can only listen to apologies so many times before they start falling on deaf ears.
  7. He makes excuses for himself. Even when he realizes how he’s being to you, he just makes excuses without truly owning up to it. He doesn’t get down to the root of the problem to try and fix it. The excuses get old and so does your patience. He’s a grown man — he needs to either fix his issues or move on.
  8. He lets you down time after time. Nothing is more disappointing than being with a guy who doesn’t trust you. You constantly hope and wait for things to change but it keeps coming back to bite you. It’s time to realize he’ll never change, you’ve done nothing wrong, and most importantly, it’s time to dump him.
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