A Guy Who Genuinely Cares About You Does These Things

Figuring out if the guy you’re dating is totally into you shouldn’t be too hard to figure out — it should be pretty obvious, in fact. There are obvious indicators of a guy’s level of interest, like the way he treats you and how he makes you feel. However, if you need a few more pointers that this one is the real deal and that he truly cares about you, look out for a guy who does these things.

  1. He actually makes time for you. If he truly likes you, there won’t be constant excuses that “he’s too busy” because even the busiest guy will make time for you when he wants to keep you in his life. He won’t risk leaving you available for other guys to take you on dates — he’ll be taking you on those dates himself.
  2. He communicates with you consistently. Even if he can’t keep in touch at all hours of the day (because you know, people have jobs and stuff) he still makes a point to keep in touch with you even if it’s between classes, on his work breaks or sending you a quick good morning text before he starts his day. When he truly cares, he wants to make sure you’re on his mind too and that means making it a point to put himself there with the way he communicates with you.
  3. He plans thoughtful and fun things for you to do together. He’s not about always making last minute plans with you — he puts more time and effort into making real plans because the time he spends with you is important in building what you have together. Believe it or not, there are guys out there who will make concrete plans with you and even buy tickets to events in advance because they want to make sure you have proper notice instead of just texting “you up?” late at night.
  4. He remembers all the little details you tell him about yourself. If you tell him your favorite wine, he remembers it and shows up at your place with a bottle in hand the next time you see each other. When you tell him your birthday or what your favorite take-out item is, he remembers it because he knows that making those mental notes to surprise you with later is important in showing you how much he’s truly into you.
  5. He doesn’t slack off after sex. If you’ve slept together, there’s no awkwardness in the days after because he behaves as if nothing has changed (which is how it should be). You’re not left hanging, waiting for his replies to your texts or for him to continue making plans with you because getting you into bed wasn’t his only goal — he wants to genuinely date you.
  6. He invites you to leave things at his place. When you start spending the night at his place, he doesn’t make you take every single item with you as you leave because he’s not hiding you from anyone else, nor is he afraid to share his space with you. A guy who truly gives a cares about you and wants you in his future will want you to feel comfortable in his home so he doesn’t hesitate or freak out if you leave something behind. Heck, he’ll probably even encourage it.
  7. He wants you to meet his friends. When he’s smitten, he’s going to want you to be part of his world all the way, and that means meeting the friends is a must. He wants you to get along with his social circle and the people most important to him because he wants to include you in all areas of his life. He doesn’t separate his world before you from his world with you.
  8. He confides important things about his life to you. When a guy really trusts you in the way he needs to build a relationship with you, no subject is off limits — and that includes his deepest fears or things that he would otherwise not tell anyone he was just dating casually. When he lets you into his history, his way of thinking and his opinions, it’s because he’s comfortable with you knowing him on all levels. He’s a grown man who cares about you for real.
  9. He asks for your opinion and genuinely values it. He’ll ask you how you like the shirt he’s wearing, the gadget he’s looking to buy or how you’d like to spend the weekend because he genuinely wants to know your opinion and what makes you happy. You’re not a mere prop in his life; you feel like his partner.
  10. He doesn’t just tell you often, he shows you that you mean a lot to him. Words are cheap. When you’re with a guy who truly gives a damn about you, you know it in your gut. There are no internal alarms going off, there’s no confusion about his behavior, he doesn’t suddenly 180 on his feelings — he stays consistent and he stays kind to you. If you’ve got a guy like this in your life, hold on tight because he genuinely does care about you.