Be With A Guy Who Isn’t Afraid To Talk About Your Future Together

Why is it that when you’re dating a guy these days, it often feels like you need to tip-toe around the talk of the future? It’s complete BS because when you’re dating someone, it should be normal to imagine being in each other’s lives weeks or months from now — otherwise, why are you even dating them at all? If he’s not ready for something real, you don’t want him in the first place. What you really need is a guy who’s not only unafraid to plan your future together but actually excited about it.

  1. Building a real relationship means making plans. At a certain point in life, you need to truly put real thought into the future because any unnecessary distractions can hinder your own growth and goals. You have better things you could be doing with your time than dating a guy who isn’t clear about his intentions with his actions. It’s really that simple.
  2. You deserve a guy who’s ready for a real and proper commitment. A guy who will own future plans and talk about “later down the road” like it’s completely normal (because it is) is a guy who isn’t afraid of commitment and making you his actual girlfriend. Don’t waste your time with players who dance around the subject like the plague — if he doesn’t know what he wants, it’s not up to you to spell it out for him.
  3. If he’s hesitant to make plans far in advance, it’s not a good sign. A guy who waffles and uses lame lines like, “Yeah, let’s see closer to the time” might be cautious, but he’s also not giving you a fair chance. It’s like he’s setting you up for failure. A guy who’s genuinely serious about dating and forming a relationship with you will be thrilled at the idea. If he isn’t and gives you excuses as to why he can’t lock in plans, he’s probably not that into you.
  4. You want a guy who knows what he wants the same way you do. You know that you want and you’re ready to have real love in your life, so why bother wasting your time with a guy who can’t see you on his calendar past next month? It’s not to say that you should rush into things, but if you’re dating a guy and things are going seemingly well, making plans together should be the next logical step.
  5. Stop making excuses for the guys who won’t go all in with you. If you want to go check out a concert a couple months down the road but he declines on getting tickets together, it’s a red flag. If he’s truly into you, he’s going to be all about going to that concert because even if by some chance things don’t work out along the way, there’s always someone available who wants to go to a concert so it’s not a big deal to fill the seat. If a guy isn’t committing to future plans, there’s a likely expiration date on your union- or he’s just completely clueless.
  6. You’re not an option for later — you’re an immediate choice. At a certain point in dating, you have to stop playing it safe with plans only going as far as a week in advance because when you truly want to see where something can go, you need to take that chance and jump in with both feet. You deserve better than to be a guy’s constant short-term option when you’re clearly long-term and future material. Raise your standards and don’t budge.
  7. You deserve to have real love in your life. There’s a very special feeling about being with a guy who doesn’t hesitate to lock in plans later down the road because it adds a burst of excitement into the relationship you’re forming. It’s also an added security that makes the both of you feel more confident in the love that you’re hopefully headed for, and you deserve that.
  8. Don’t settle for being halfway in someone’s life. Don’t settle for any guy who’s always halfway out the door with his emotions and availability to you. Yes, everyone has a busy adult life, but a guy who actually gives a crap about you and takes dating seriously isn’t going to let you slip from his grip — he’s going to be making future plans with you.
  9. The guy who puts you in his future plans in a real way will make you feel at ease. There’s no better feeling than being with a guy who gives you a true sense of comfort in what you’re building together. When he’s not afraid to plan your future together, even if it’s as simple as a weekend getaway next month or a concert in a few weeks, it gives you a stronger sense of security in where things are headed.
  10. You’ve got better things to do than waste your time. It’s maddening when you date a guy and you’re constantly walking on eggshells when it comes to bringing up the idea of commitment in any form. Stop wasting your time with the guys who aren’t as serious as you are about finding love. Be with a guy who isn’t afraid to plan your future together and dates you in a real and honest way. You deserve it.