To The Guy Who Left At The First Sign Of Struggle

At first, everything was perfect with us. I thought you were the guy I had been waiting for forever and I wondered what I’d done to get so lucky to have found you. It seemed like nothing could stop us, but I was wrong. As soon as you realized I wasn’t perfect and that I had flaws like every other human being, you ran like the true coward you are. At first, it stung like and made me feel insecure, but then I opened my eyes and realized the truth: I’m better off without you around.

  1. Fun fact: I’m not perfect — no one is. You acted so surprised that I was willing to be vulnerable with you and show you a side of me that’s less than perfect, but I really didn’t give a damn. I want someone who will accept me in all of my glory, good and bad. I’m not going to sugar coat my life or act fake just to make you fall for me harder. I’m sorry I was real and not the caricature of a woman you wanted me to be.
  2. You’re delusional to think that love is easy. Real relationships and love takes work and apparently that work was too much to handle for a lazy jerk like you. You wanted the world handed to you on a silver platter, so I’m sorry that you didn’t get to go down that easy rainbow brick road with me. I would have worked at things just as hard if you’d been willing to grow a set of balls and step up to the plate.
  3. I refused to stay silent when you treated me like crap. You said something off-color to me and you’re damned right I piped right up about it. I deserve more than to put my feelings to the side just to satisfy your massive ego. Instead of dealing with the issue like a grown ass man, you told me you couldn’t handle the bad and ignored me instead. How mature.
  4. A real man understands that relationships take work and acceptance. I’d like to call you a real man, but a real man doesn’t run and hide from struggle when it comes up. The right guy for me is going to be someone who loves all facets of me and will be willing to sit down and work on the things that upset us like adults. What I truly learned is that you’re not a real man at all — you’re just an immature little boy hiding in a man’s body.
  5. I didn’t like certain things about you, but the good outweighed the bad. Don’t act like you’re so perfect yourself. I’ll be the first one to tell you that there were things you did and said that were annoying AF and unattractive, as well. The difference is that I saw good things in you too that I chose to let outweigh the flaws. Perhaps if you had looked at the long list of reasons at why I’m amazing instead of focusing on the negatives, you’d start to have some better luck in love instead of complaining that all your exes are crazy. Have you ever considered that you’re the psychopath because you run from your relationship problems? Just a thought.
  6. You threw something that could have been amazing away on a whim. You tossed me out the door like a day old newspaper and it truly made my jaw hit the floor when you dismissed me the way you did. After everything we’d been through, after all those amazing memories we made, you threw it away because you’re a man-child who can’t handle a grown up relationship. I pity you.
  7. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the doormat you were looking for. I’m truly sorry that you were expecting me to bow down and put up with your crap, but I pride myself on being that woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone. In all honesty, I feel genuinely sorry for the woman who does spend her life with you, because she’d need to be spineless to survive a lifetime with you and all of your avoidance towards real love struggles.
  8. There’s more good to me than my flaws — too bad you’ll never know. The way things went down with us was definitely for the best, even if I didn’t see it at the time. Looking back at who I was with you to who I became after you only makes me laugh more. You really missed out with me and the more that I think about it, the more I realize how amazing I am despite your attempt at proving me otherwise. Yes, I have flaws, but I’m pretty fabulous despite them. Too bad you’ll never know, because you cowardly walked away at the first sign of a struggle.