To The Guy Who Was Only Interested Once I Pulled Away

To The Guy Who Was Only Interested Once I Pulled Away ©iStock/wundervisuals

I thought you were sexy and interesting, but you never made a move on me and barely seemed to know I existed. When I finally got tired of waiting around for you, you suddenly became super interested. WTF?

  1. You just wanted options. Let’s get real — you weren’t interested in me. In your eyes, I was just an option for you when no one else was around. The minute you felt that option moving further away from you, you realized you had to do something big to keep me hanging. Cue lots of flirting and sending loads of texts to my phone. You suck.
  2. You cry crocodile tears. You thought you were “missing out on an opportunity” with me (your words), but honestly I wasn’t buying it. In fact, I actually wanted to scream when you had the nerve to feed me that BS. You were the one who gave away a chance with me by wasting my time. If you’d wanted something real, you wouldn’t have let me slip. Period.
  3. You weren’t looking for anything serious. You didn’t want anything serious and it was cruel of you to act like you did after I’d moved on. You wanted me there if you needed attention, but not badly enough to lay a real claim on me.
  4. You have no idea who you are and what you want. I’d say you were afraid of commitment, but honestly that’s a copout. You definitely do have commitment issues — maybe not with women in general, but definitely with me. See, the real issue at play here was that you didn’t know what you wanted from me, but that didn’t give you the right to play around with my feelings.
  5. You just wanted a bit of fun. To suddenly try to charm me back into being in the curtains of your life, not even on the stage of it, when you’d chosen not to make a move on me for months and months? Hmm. Sounds like you just wanted to score. When we first met, you made it clear you were attracted to me but you didn’t do much to show me that you were emotionally attracted. I’m so glad I know better than to fall for that crap.
  6. You can’t handle rejection. You don’t like it when people say no to you. So when I showed you that I wasn’t interested anymore by moving on, you boosted your interest (or at least pretended to) because you just didn’t want to lose. That’s not how real relationships work, and you need to grow up.
  7. You think just because you’re hot, you can have any woman. Yes, you’re hot. I could see that you work out a lot and that you have sex appeal. But so what? Just because you’re physically attractive doesn’t mean you’re going to have every woman you want at your beck and call or that you can get away with being a jerk. You definitely can’t — at least not with me.
  8. You made me feel used. You’re so vain, you probably thought that I’d be super flattered that you were showering me with attention, but honestly, it was an insult. Did you really think I’d just jump back into your life, only to get played with again? Get over yourself.
  9. The biggest insult was the way you insulted my intelligence. It’s one thing to insult me by thinking I’m so desperate that I’ll turn a blind eye to your bad behavior. It’s quite another to think I’m an idiot who will fall for your lame charm. The joke’s on you.
  10. I’d have liked to see where things went, but I can guess pretty well. Sure, a part of me was interested to know what would have happened with us, but every time I thought in such a way I’d remind myself that it would not have ended well. How could it have, when it began so crappy? You’d been unreliable, indecisive and too much of a charmer from the beginning. It could only have ended in an explosion of heartache.
  11. You’re the very definition of a f*ckboy. It was when I showed you some interest that you faded out of my life, only to return when you realized you’d blown a real chance with me. You’re so immature. I could never have been with someone who can’t deal with feelings.
  12. You’re fake AF. You’re an illusion. You appear to be a sexy, funny, charming guy but it’s all a show with no substance. Even your sexiness isn’t real. Anyone can look good by going to the gym, FFS. But beyond your biceps, you don’t have any thing real. If you’d been honest and genuine, and stated your intentions with me from the start, it would have made you real-deal sexy and I would have respected you so much more.
  13. You’re only interested in getting what you want before fading out. A handsome guy like you has probably done this to loads of women. You appear to be a great catch, but you’re really just a guy who tries to get something from every woman he meets. It never leads to anything wonderful or real, which is why you keep returning to your options. You’re running out of them, though, because I doubt I’m the only woman who’s slammed a door in your face. Ouch! The truth hurts.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.