Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend Using A Big Mac & Nothing Has Ever Been More Romantic

While you may daydream about the special day when your boyfriend finally decides he’s ready to settle down and gets down on one knee to ask for your hand in marriage, you probably don’t imagine the big occasion including a Big Mac. One guy was enough of a genius to include some burgery deliciousness in his proposal and the reactions have been mixed.

  1. The image of an engagement ring nestled in a burger was shared on Facebook. Posted to the Facebook page Optimistic or Pessimistic (and discovered by The Sun), the photo shows a modest engagement ring resting in a fast food burger. There’s no telling whether it’s actually a Big Mac or a Whopper, but my money’s on Ronald.
  2. It’s such a millennial thing to do. I mean that in a good way! After all, proposals don’t have to be all stuffy and formal. You should be friends with the person you’re going to marry and be able to share a laugh. What better way to begin the next phase of your life together than with something lighthearted (and delicious) that you both enjoy?
  3. Some people would say it’s not romantic but I disagree. It totally is! You don’t need a dozen roses or a string quartet to be romantic. Romance is just creating a moment that’s special between you and another person, something that’s memorable and that makes you feel loved. Sure, maybe a burger’s not all that memorable (though I’d beg to differ—I’ve had some pretty delicious ones!)
  4. It’s the internet, so maybe it’s not real. There’s always the chance that someone just thought it would be funny and hoped to get it turned into a meme. If so, mission successful. Frankly, I think it’s a great idea and one I’m shocked that no one has tried before. If this image is a fake, something tells me we’ll be seeing the real deal in the near future.

[H/T The Sun]

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