A Guy Reveals The 10 Signs You’re About To Get Dumped

Getting dumped always sucks, but it can be a particularly crushing blow when you don’t see it coming. No one likes being blindsided, but there were probably subtle signs you missed that your ex wanted out. Basically, if you notice any of these 10 signs from your boyfriend, he might be getting ready to end things.

Communication slows down.

Sometimes you fall into a rut and don’t have much to say to one another. But if communication practically comes to a halt, it could mean a breakup is coming. If a guy has lost interest in talking to you at all, he’s clearly checked out of the relationship emotionally. This means he won’t be in a hurry to check his phone for texts or call to share things in his life. As long as you’re talking, there’s still hope, but when that stops, it’s probably over.

Spending time with you feels like a chore.

If you find yourself pushing hard just to get a guy to spend time with you, there’s a good chance he’s done with the relationship. It’s one thing if he’s busy and has a reasonable excuse, but if he’s just hesitant to spend quality time with you or his excuses are bad, it indicates that he doesn’t want to waste any more time on the relationship and is planning to dump you soon.

He’s easily flustered.

To be fair, some guys are easily flustered in everyday life, but if a guy is unusually frustrated or lashing out at you, it’s obviously a bad sign. If it doesn’t take much to set him off, he’s either hiding something or he’s unconsciously trying to push you away. When it’s the latter, it might be only a matter of time until he realizes that he wants to break things off.

He stops giving you compliments.

It’s natural for a guy to give you fewer compliments the deeper you get into a relationship but they shouldn’t disappear altogether. As long as a guy is digging you, the compliments will keep coming at a steady pace. When they stop coming, it could mean he’s no longer enamored with you and into the relationship. The next step is him looking for a way to get out of the relationship.

Small talk is non-existent.

When you spend a lot of time with someone, there are times when all you have is small talk. It’s not great, but it can be nice. However, if a guy is no longer willing to engage in small talk with you, it doesn’t bode well for the relationship. If he doesn’t want to chat with you to fill the silence, it’s a sign his interest in you is starting to wane. It also creates a little distance between the two of you and could have us guys thinking about an exit strategy.

He’s self-deprecating.

For the record, some guys are naturally self-deprecating. But if he’s suddenly taking shots at himself, it can be a bad sign. Some guys will become critical of themselves as a way to convince you that you should break up with them. It can be subtle and not always on purpose, but it happens. Deep down, a guy thinks that if he points out his flaws, you’ll lose interest. It’s also his way of setting up a “you’re better off with me” type of breakup.

Affection feels forced.

When we like someone, we guys usually have no problem showing affection. Even if we don’t love PDA, we’ll show affection in private. But a guy who wants out of a relationship will avoid affection or physical contact at all costs. It sounds cliche, but something as simple as sitting away from you on the couch can be a sign he’s pulling away. If showing affection takes a lot of effort, a guy might be working toward a breakup.

His social media habits change.

Nowadays, social media behavior can be a sign that a guy is thinking about dumping you. If he’s not posting as much as usual, it could mean he’s hiding something. Also, if he replaces a picture of you two with an older picture of him alone, don’t be surprised if a breakup is on the horizon. In fairness, it could be a coincidence, but it could also be a sign that he’s getting ready to be single again.

His phone is hidden.

If a guy has been hiding his phone from the start, there’s probably something sketchy about him. But if he’s usually been open and then starts hiding it, something is up. He might be cheating on you or he could be considering his other options. Either way, he’s no longer all-in on the relationship.

He avoids talking about future events.

When a guy has his sights set on a breakup, any talk of future plans will either be avoided or immediately squashed. He might also mention the possibility of spending an upcoming holiday apart without having a good reason. This is usually a clear sign that he isn’t planning on the relationship lasting that much longer. Keep in mind that guys see failed relationships as a waste of time, so they’re not going to invest time in a relationship they think is heading south.

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