A Guy Reveals 8 Qualities Men REALLY Want In A Partner

You may think you’ve figured out what guys want in a woman, and while yes, we all want someone who’s fun and attractive and willing to stand our presence for extended periods of time, there’s more. This may surprise you, but we’re also looking for these qualities.

  1. Playfulness Men are cool being in a serious relationship, but that doesn’t mean we want to be serious all the time. All lot of us are just big kids, so we want a partner who can relax and joke around. A woman may check a lot of boxes for us, but she also needs to be able to cut loose and joke around with us. A woman who’s playful and sarcastic will help us relax and enjoy ourselves in the relationship and make us want to stick around long-term.
  2. Independence Good guys are all about dating independent women. We’re not looking to control your life and we don’t necessarily want to spend every waking moment with you. A woman who can go off and do her own thing can be incredibly sexy. There are a lot of guys out there who would love an independent woman who doesn’t need them but wants them.
  3. Affection Come on, who doesn’t want their partner to be affectionate? A lot of women assume guys care about sex more than anything else, but a lot of us secretly crave a woman who’s willing to show us affection. It doesn’t have to be constant PDA or smothering amounts of affection, but it does have to be present in the relationship. A woman who’s not afraid to hold hands or cuddle or share a random kiss just for fun sends the message that she’s still into her partner, and guys need that assurance. In a way, receiving some affection on a daily basis is more important than a couple’s sex life.
  4. Trust. Trust is definitely important for women, of course, but it’s just as vital for us to be able to trust our partners in return. If we feel like we can trust you, then there should be no problem having an open and honest relationship. At the same time, we absolutely hate being the subject of scrutiny or suspicion, so it’s important that we know that you trust us as well.
  5. Willingness to give us space It’s nothing personal, but most guys value their space in a relationship, just as I’m sure you ladies do too. Like anyone else, we need to have time when we can unwind and relax a little. Most of us will feel bad about telling you to back off a little, so we need a woman who can tell when your boyfriend needs alone time. It can be overwhelming at times trying to balance a professional life with a serious relationship, and most guys need a partner who’s willing to give them some space.
  6. Appreciation This sounds a little selfish and outdated, but guys want to feel appreciated by our partners just like you do. Deep down, we enjoy being there for our wives and girlfriends and trying to be the best husbands and boyfriends we can be, but it’s always nice to feel appreciated for our efforts. Most guys aren’t going to go digging for compliments, but with a partner who we know appreciates us, we’ll work even harder to be great partners.
  7. Good communication I’m certain you ladies value this too, but it’s often forgotten that men also want a partner who’s willing to communicate. You may have noticed this already, but we’re not mind-readers. To be fair, we’re also notorious for being closed off, but if you’re willing to communicate openly, we’ll almost always meet you halfway. Guys certainly don’t want a partner who will play games or give us the silent treatment; that’s not going to help anyone.
  8. To know that you’re happy Secretly, guys in a relationship just want to know that our partners are happy. Specifically, we want to know that you’re happy with us and because of us. It actually relates to the male ego. Knowing that you’re happy in a relationship makes us feel good about ourselves, like we’ve accomplished something. If you ladies let us know on a regular basis that you’re happy being in our lives, odds are we’ll be happy with it too.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.