A Guy Reveals 8 Reasons Women Should Be Glad To Be Put In The Friend Zone

It’s never fun for anybody to be put in the friend zone. You feel rejected and less than, but it’s not actually the end of the world. In fact, sometimes it’s for the best. As a guy, let me share a few reasons why you ladies should be glad that you’re in the friend zone.

  1. The pressure is off. When you accept a spot in the friend zone, any kind of sexual tension or awkwardness is gone. You can both turn the page and move on with your lives. Any physical contact between you two can safely be assumed to be friendly rather than a reason to spend the rest of the night analyzing his feelings for you. Doesn’t that sound nice? Both of you can just relax and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about any of that relationship stuff. You know, like friends do.
  2. Friends do favors. Do you need a ride to the airport? Do you need someone to walk your dog when you’re out of town? How about some help moving? Well, that’s why you have friends. Sure, boyfriends can do those things too, but you may feel obligated to “pay him back,” if you know what I mean. With friends, there are no strings attached to doing favors. At some point, they may ask you to do a favor if they need something, but in general, it’s a happy two-way street.
  3. Let your hair down or leave it up — wear it however you like it. When you get to the friend zone, you’re no longer dressing to impress. I don’t mean to make a giant generalization, but women tend to spend a lot of time on your appearance when you like a guy, right? Thankfully, friends (at least the good ones) don’t care what you look like. They only care about who you are. If you hang out with a guy who’s just a friend, you don’t have to worry about your appearance, just come as you are. Doesn’t that sound nice for a change?
  4. Your guy friend has friends, you know. Okay, so you got put into the friend zone by one guy. So what? That guy probably has friends who might be a good match for you. Admittedly, getting set up with someone doesn’t usually work out that well, but things could be different if you get set up with one of your guy friend’s friends. Better yet, his buds will all come pre-vetted, so you don’t have to worry too much about being set up with a loser. Frankly, getting put in the friend zone can potentially open up a new pool of dating options.
  5. There’s someone for your single friends. On the other end of your spectrum, maybe the guy who put you in the friend zone will be a good match for one of your single friends. To be fair, such a scenario could sting a little bit, but if you’ve accepted your place in the friend zone, you know nothing will happen. Meanwhile, you’re probably getting sick of your single friends choosing the wrong guys. Maybe your new guy friend will end up being a good match for one of your single friends. Crazier things have happened, right?
  6. You get access to unfiltered guy advice. This may be the biggest benefit of being in the friend zone. You may trust your lady friends more than your guy friends, but dating advice from a guy can be invaluable. After all, guys can pull back the curtain and give you a perspective you never considered before. When the guy who put you in the friend zone gives you advice, he’s not pulling any punches. You’ll get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  7. You have a personal security guard. You don’t become friends with a guy for this reason, but it can be a nice perk. A guy who has placed you in the friend zone can act as security when you’re out and about. If sleazy guys are hitting on you, your new guy friend can step in and send them away. You could even tell other guys you have no interest in that you already have a boyfriend. He probably won’t mind; it’s just a friend doing a favor for another friend.
  8. Hey, you never know. We all know that the friend zone isn’t always 100% permanent. We also know guys are notoriously foolish. If you’re willing to be his friend and stay in his life in some capacity, who knows what will happen? He may wake up one day and realize that you were the right person all along. This doesn’t mean you should enter the friend zone with the goal of one day leaving, but sometimes two people who are just friends fall in love. It can happen, and it’ll make you glad you were willing to give the friend zone a chance.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.