A Guy Reveals 8 Common Things Men Keep Secret In A Relationship

Yes, we all know that trust is essential in a relationship, but trust doesn’t mean telling your partner everything. In fact, for the sake of your relationship, there are some things that should be kept to yourself. As a guy, allow me to share some of the things that men tend to keep secret from our significant others and will avoid sharing at all costs.

  1. Our friends don’t like you. You might pick up on a vibe that our friends don’t like you, but we’re almost never going to come out and admit that’s the case. Is it really better to be honest in this situation? Maybe, but you’ll have a hard time convincing most men of that. It just seems like a relationship problem waiting to happen. Most guys usually think the best course of action is to keep trying to convince you that our friends are cool with you… and then trying to keep you apart whenever possible.
  2. Your friend/sister is super hot. Of course, we do mean it when we tell you that you’re the most beautiful women we’ve ever seen, but that’s just love talking. If you have a friend or sister who’s really hot, you’ll never hear your boyfriend admit that fact. Well, at least that’s his goal; sometimes guys slip up. Just so you know, thinking that your friend or sister is hot doesn’t mean we secretly wish we were with them. It just means we can’t help but notice that they’re attractive. If we can help it, we’ll keep that to ourselves.
  3. We weren’t monogamous in the beginning. Remember when you first started dating your current boyfriend and he said he wasn’t seeing anyone else? I’m not saying that’s a lie, but if a guy was dating multiple people at the time, he’s probably not going to tell you. Would it really matter anyway if you weren’t exclusive at the time?
  4. We’ve probably slept with more women than we’re willing to admit. If you don’t ask this question, we’re usually not volunteering this information. Even if you do ask, the guys who are quick on their feet probably won’t give you the exact number. If we see you as a long-term option, we’re going to give you a reasonable number, not the real number. We know that it’s best to keep that number to ourselves so we tell a white lie. It’s not the end of the world, right?
  5. We still think about “the one that got away.” Most guys still have an ex they think about sometimes. I’m sure some of you ladies do as well. It doesn’t mean we’re not happy to be with you. It just means we’re not 100% over someone else. I don’t think this is the worst thing in the world. I mean, would you rather be “the one that got away?” As long as you’re the one a guy is with right now, that should be all that matters.
  6. We still watch porn. Yes, all guys are creepy and disgusting and all that jazz. The thing I don’t understand is why anyone would assume that a guy in a relationship doesn’t watch porn. Obviously we’re covert about it so that you don’t find out when we’re doing it, but girlfriend or not, we’re still into it. Being in a committed relationship doesn’t change that.
  7. We like when you have a girls’ night out. Okay, so some guys will complain when you go out without them, but that’s mostly because they crave attention, which is another set of issues. Most guys do enjoy a night off from their relationship every now and then. There are a few who use it as an excuse to go nuts,  but most of us just like a chance to relax, maybe play some video games, and do other things we can’t when you’re around (like watch porn). Remember that a lot of guys need alone time.
  8. We’re not always in the mood for sex. Just because it seems like guys are always ready to have sex doesn’t make it true. We get stressed out and tired too, and when that happens, we’re not always eager to get down. That being said, if we sense that you’re in the mood, we’ll usually play along rather than tell you we’re not. I mean, we’d be foolish to turn it down if you’re interested in fooling around.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.