A Guy Reveals How To Tell When He Has Developed Serious Feelings For You

Spoiler alert: men aren’t always great at expressing our feelings. Some of us are a little closed off and others just aren’t that articulate. It can take a while for a guy to be forthcoming with how he feels about you, but we do drop little hints that can give you a little insight into how we feel. Here are some ways that you may be able to tell that a guy has developed serious feelings for you.

He talks and shares a lot.

It’s safe to say that guys are a little more closed off than women. I mean, there are reasons why we refer to a talkative person as a chatty Kathy and not a chatty Chuck. However, if you can get him to let his guard down, you’ll find that he has a lot to say. Of course, most guys aren’t going to do that unless they’re starting to develop serious feelings for you. That means that if he starts to share a lot of personal information with you, he’s probably developing real feelings toward you.

He stays in touch consistently.

For guys who are playing games or trying to keep things casual, it’s usually a mystery when you’ll hear from them. These guys tend to be unreliable about texting back and are always a candidate to start ghosting you. But when a guy is always staying in touch with you, it’s a safe bet that he’s serious about you. Getting good morning or goodnight texts every day is obviously a great sign. Either he’s the best game player in the world or he has genuine feelings for you.

He remembers details.

Let’s face it, we all have a lot going on in our lives. It’s not easy to remember little details, and that’s exactly why you can tell a guy is serious when he starts remembering little details about you. Does he ever surprise you by remembering something that you assumed he forgot? Those are the guys who have serious feelings. It means he cares enough about you to listen and remember when you talk. As a guy, trust me when I say that we don’t do that if they’re not serious about someone.

He cares about the details.

When a guy is serious about you, not only will he remember details but he will also care about details. He won’t just ask you how your day was, he’ll want to know all of the little details of it. He’ll want to be there to let you vent or offer you some advice if you need it. When a guy has serious feelings for you, he wants to get past the small talk and dig deeper into the details of your life.

He’ll do anything to spend time with you.

Guys especially aren’t going to do something unless we get something out of it. Sometimes just spending time with you is enough reason for a guy to do something. This is undoubtedly a sign that he has serious feelings for you. Do you really think a lot of guys are excited to buy fresh vegetables at a farmer’s market? They’re not, but if he’s serious about you, he’ll tag along just so he can spend time with you.

He wants to introduce you to people.

We all know that it can sometimes be a battle to get a guy to introduce you to his friends and family. If he’s eager to do it, there’s a good chance he has serious feelings for you. Honestly, it can be a hassle and a little stressful to introduce a girlfriend to people. However, a guy who’s serious doesn’t think like that. Instead, he’s more than happy to introduce you to the rest of his world.

He talks about the future.

Guys always tend to have an eye on the future when it comes to relationships. However, we don’t get serious unless we can envision a future with you. When a guy starts talking about future events involving the two of you, it can be a sign that he’s getting serious. Even if it’s only a month or two into the future, it’s a good sign.

He sticks around for the bad moments.

There is a reason why “for better or worse” is included in marriage vows. So many times, the sign of a good relationship is when people are willing to stick around through the rough moments. Therefore, you know when a guy has serious feelings if he sticks around for the bad moments. If you’re fighting or in a bad mood, it’s probably a bad sign if he just disappears. If he hangs around during a rough patch, you know his feelings are genuine.

He stands by his word.

A guy who has serious feelings who do everything he can to prevent disappointing you. After all, he doesn’t want to let you down. If he stands by every little promise he makes, you know he’s serious. Even if it’s something as simple as being on time or calling when he says he will, that’s a sign that he’s for real. Trust me, that stuff isn’t easy for guys and we don’t do it for just anybody.

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